Guru’s product foundation is deeply rooted in AI and machine learning (ML), with a focus on supporting the humans at the center of work. You'll find our powerful AI features are integrated throughout the entire user journey, helping teammates at all stages of the knowledge lifecycle: from identifying knowledge that matters with Trending Topics, to continuously improving knowledge through verification flows and identified experts.

Your team's adoption and ongoing usage of Guru supplies our AI engine with data to continually improve everything from your search results to knowing what Cards to proactively recommend you read or follow. This creates a flywheel effect: as user adoption and team usage expand, so does accuracy. To sum it up: the more your team uses Guru, the smarter Guru gets, and that leads to increased productivity and efficiency for your team.

Guru's Product and Data Science teams continue to research and release AI features to help teammates discern what information is trustworthy, essential, and relevant as they battle against information overload. We recommend subscribing to Guru Community Product Updates so you'll be the first to hear about updates on Guru's AI features.

Search: Guru goes beyond basic keyword search by applying AI and ML to understand the meaning of search terms (semantic search). Your team’s past search activity helps Guru augment the ranking of search results, ensuring the most relevant Cards are as high in the results list as possible. Guru's model is constantly learning and improving.

Trending Topics for Slack: With Trending Topics, Guru Admins and Authors will never miss a beat when it comes to documenting knowledge stemming from their team's busiest Slack channels. Trending Topics delivers an on-demand or weekly digest that automatically surfaces trending keywords within a Slack channel, while also allowing for instant Card editing or the creation of new Cards in Guru to close any knowledge gaps.

AI Suggest Expert: Guru leverages AI along with Card verifier and Card creation information to help you choose the best person to verify Cards or answer questions. Newer employees who may not know the subject matter experts on your team can use AI Suggest Expert to connect with the right people.

"Recommended For You": The Guru dashboard leverages AI to create a unique list of Cards that are recommended based on your user activity and the activity of other users like you in Guru. These recommendations will be unique for each user, creating a personalized experience to help surface knowledge that a user may not know exists in Guru or may have not seen in a long time.

Related Cards: Leveraging AI, Guru looks at the viewing activity of team members after they view a Card. Over time, a subsequent Card viewer will see related Cards that might be useful or correspond to the knowledge they are reading.

Duplicate Detection: By using customized ML to group similar existing Cards, Duplicate Detection helps knowledge managers address redundant information so that your team remains confident in the knowledge they find in Guru.

AI Suggest Text: Guru’s AI Suggest Text leverages AI and the web browser extension to quickly determine what knowledge will be most helpful to surface to a user without them leaving the context of the supported application. This empowers customer-facing teams to be the most confident and best versions of themselves, reducing the need to search for answers.

AI Suggest Tag: Based on the team's content structure and existing tags, Guru’s AI suggest tag makes helpful suggestions when it comes to tagging new content. Tag suggestions help Authors and Collection Owners produce Cards that are easy for their teammates to find.

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