Guru GPT

Take ChatGPT to the next level with your company's collective knowledge

Guru GPT is a ChatGPT app/add-on that allows ChatGPT to search across your connected apps, docs, and chats without having to leave ChatGPT. Guru GPT can also create Guru Card Drafts directly from outputs in ChatGPT conversations. This integration allows you to enhance everything ChatGPT has access to with your company's collective knowledge in an intuitive manner.


Access Required

Anyone on Guru All-in-one or Enterprise plans can access this feature within ChatGPT.

Admins can reach out to our team here if they'd like to request this feature disabled from their workspace.

To Enable Guru GPT

Already have a Guru account?

  1. Click this link to access Guru GPT 

  2. Chat GPT should open and you should see a Guru logo in a new chat

  1. Type a question/prompt or select one of the suggested prompts and hit enter
  2. Guru GPT will ask you to authenticate using your Guru login. Select sign in with

  1. On the next page select Grant Permission to give ChatGPT secure access to your Guru information.
  1. As Guru GPT starts to run it will ask you to allow it to perform the action . Select Always Allow.

  1. Guru GPT will respond with an answer and link to any relevant sources. 
  2. Keep exploring your company's knowledge by prompting it with follow up questions.

New to Guru?

If you do not currently use Guru, you will need to first set up a Guru account before installing Guru GPT. Follow these steps to get started:



You can try all of Guru's capabilities for free for 30 days

  1. Create a Guru account

  2. Once you've successfully created your Guru account, you need to connect your company's sources of knowledge. This tells Guru GPT what you want it to securely index for searching. Setup your sources of knowledge

  3. Add the Guru GPT to ChatGPT

  4. Follow the steps above under "Already have a Guru account".



Make sure you authenticate to Guru using the same email address you used when creating your Guru team.

To Draft Guru Cards from Guru GPT

  1. Prompt Guru GPT with some content you need to create and hit enter. Guru GPT will generate the content based on your request.
    1. For example, “Can you write a step by step guide for how to do X process or use Y feature for use in a help center article or email response that is customer facing.”
  2. Make any necessary adjustments or edits to the content directly in the chat interface by further prompting Guru GPT if needed. (i.e. “Make it shorter.” or “Revise the tone to be more friendly.”)
  3. Once the output is to your liking, simply ask Guru GPT to save it as a draft in Guru
  4. You will be prompted to approve it is ok for Guru GPT to send information to Guru. Select Confirm

  1. Open up your Drafts in Guru to further review or publish the Draft.

Example Prompts for Inspiration

When writing a prompt for Guru GPT, think about what information your Guru account is currently indexing. (i.e Gong calls, Salesforce Account information, Ticketing System, Wiki content, etc.).  Depending on what sources of company knowledge you have connected to Guru, the prompt possibilities are endless. Here are some examples:

TeamExample Prop
MarketingGenerate blog post ideas related to [X product launch].
Enablement / L&DWrite an outline for a 30 min enablement session on [new X feature or X process] to be shared with our customer facing team.
Sales / Customer SuccessSummarize the last call with [X Client Name].

What's the latest with [X company]'s account? Write an email to our primary contact at [X company] inviting them to our next event, including any relevant context about our partnership.
SupportDid something change with [X feature] recently that could cause user issues?
ProductWrite a product specification document for new [X feature] to be shared with our customer facing team

See below for an example of Guru GPT responding with a detailed answer pulling from 4 different company knowledge sources:

Frequently Asked Questions about Guru GPT

How does a team get Guru GPT set up for their team?

Each Guru user must set up Guru GPT individually, there is no way to force add GPTs across a team's ChatGPT instance.

Is Guru content in ChatGPT secure?

Yes, absolutely, just ensure you're using Teams or Enterprise licenses of ChatGPT. If not on Teams or Enterprise, please reach out to the OpenAI team.

Does Guru GPT pull from all content when generating an answer in ChatGPT?

Yes, it searches across all the content Guru has access to, and returns the 5 most relevant pieces of content back to ChatGPT to generate a response.

Are there any limitations to what Guru GPT can do?

Yes, because Guru's GPT only generates a response from the 5 most relevant sources of content it CANNOT perform:

  • Trend Analysis - i.e. What are the overall themes of feedback we've received from customers in the last quarter?
  • Recency - ChatGPT struggles a bit with recency currently so it's not a prompt that performs well routinely.