Setting Up Guru Activity Feeds in Slack

Activity feeds in Slack display new Cards and folders added to Guru in a channel of your choosing. Keeping track of new content in Slack encourages adoption, as it reassures your team that Guru is a resource that's constantly evolving to meet their needs.


Access Required

All users can manage and delete their own activity feeds.

Admins can manage and delete all activity feeds created by any user on their team by navigating to All Activity Feeds in the dropdown located within the Activity Feeds section of the Home tab of the Guru Slack app.

Create a new Activity Feed

You can create activity feeds for both public and private Slack channels (if the Guru bot is invited using the /invite @Guru command

  1. From the Guru app's Home page in Slack, click the Create Activity Feed button.
  2. In "step 1.", choose a Slack channel for the activity feed to appear in.
  3. In "step 2.", choose whether you want to create a feed displaying the new Cards and folders for a particular Collection, or a feed displaying the new Cards added to a specific folder.
  4. In "step 3.", begin typing the name of a Collection. The options you have permission to in Guru will populate the dropdown list.
  5. When setting up an activity feed for a "Folder", you'll need to select the specific folder in the "step 4.".
  6. Before clicking Create, you'll see a statement reiterating your choices above. (i.e. New Cards and folders added to Technical Support Team will be displayed in #technicalsupport-activityfeed.)
  7. A confirmation message will appear in the designated channel where the feed has been created.  

Manage Activity Feeds

  1. From the Guru app's Home page in Slack, click the Edit button to the right of the feed that needs to be adjusted.
  2. Within that menu, you can update an existing feed by changing the connected Slack channel, folder, or Collection.

Delete an activity feed

  1. From the Guru app's Home page in Slack, click the Edit button to the right of the activity feed you would like to delete.
  2. Click Delete Activity Feed at the bottom of that menu.

Frequently asked questions about Slack activity feeds

How many activity feeds can I create for an individual Slack channel?
There is no limit to how many activity feeds you can create for an individual Slack channel.

Why does an existing Card appear as "new" in my activity feed?
If the Card's privacy and sharing settings are changed from "Public" or "Restricted" to "Your Guru Teammates", this action will trigger the Guru Slackbot to see this as a "new Card" being made available for the team and will log the action in the Slack channel's activity feed.