Using AI Assist When Viewing Cards

Guru Assist utilizes generative artificial intelligence (AI) to help you and your teammates quickly and efficiently consume knowledge. While viewing a Card in Guru's web app, click the Assist lightning bolt icon ("⚡️") in the Card's toolbar to reveal a list of actions managed by the workspace admin.



While Assist can provide valuable information, it's crucial to review and verify the generated content. Use the AI-generated responses as a starting point, fact-check them, and validate their accuracy. Editing and curating the AI-generated content ensures its quality and reliability.

What can Assist for Readers do?


Create a summary of a Card with the length and format of your choosing.

  • Quick summary / TL;DR: Generate a quick overview of the main points of the Card (typically between 1-3 sentences).
  • Action items: Generates a numbered list of any implicit or explicit action items in the text. If indicated, list who is responsible for completing the action item, and when the action item is due.


Translate text into commonly used languages.

  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
guru assist translate.gif

Frequently Asked Questions about using Assist while viewing Guru Cards

Can Assist summarize files, images, and videos uploaded to or embedded in the Guru Card?
At this time, Assist will only summarize the text content of the Guru Card.