Adding a Tag to a Card

Tags help users quickly locate information in Guru by acting as search filters. Here is a streamlined guide to effectively manage tags in Guru, including how to create, add, and remove tags from Guru Cards.


Access Required

As a Guru workspace admin, you can add tags to any Card. As a Collection owner or author, you can only add tags to Cards that are in Collections to which you have author access.

Adding Tags When Creating a Card

  1. During the Card creation process, on the second screen, click in the search box beneath the "Tags" field.
  2. If you need a new tag, type the desired tag name and click Create new tag. Confirm by clicking Save, or add the tag to a category before saving. Click Cancel to undo.
  3. To add an existing tag, type or scroll to find it. Tag suggestions will appear as you type. Click on the tag to add it to the Card.
  4. To add more tags, repeat the previous steps. To remove a tag, click the "X" on the tag you want to remove.
  5. Once you've finished adding tags, click Next step to complete the Card creation.

Adding a tag to a Guru Card.gif

Adding or Editing Tags When Editing a Card

  1. Open the Card you wish to modify.
  2. At the bottom toolbar, hover to reveal a pencil icon and select it to edit tags.
  3. If adding a new tag, type the name, select Tag not found, Create New Tag, and click Save.
  4. To add an existing tag, scroll or type to find it and select it from the options that appear.

Using Card Manager to Add or Remove Tags

  1. Navigate to Card Manager to handle tags on multiple Cards at once.
  2. Use the "Filter by Attribute" column to select Cards, clicking the checkbox next to each Card title you want to manage.
  3. Click the Tag icon in the bulk actions top navigation bar and choose Add tag(s) or Remove tag(s) based on your need.
  4. Start typing the tag name or scroll to find it. If creating a new tag, confirm by typing the tag and clicking Add.
  5. Repeat if you need to manage multiple tags and click Save to apply the changes.

Removing Tags from a Single Guru Card

  1. In the Guru web app or browser extension, go to the Card from which you want to remove a tag.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the tags at the bottom left corner of the Card.
  3. To remove a tag, click the "x" icon next to it.

Understanding Suggested Tags

Guru’s AI suggests tags based on user activity and existing content, offering both existing tags that seem relevant and recommendations for new, potentially useful tags.

Using Suggested Tags

During the Card creation process, a dropdown will appear with tag suggestions. You can select tags from either the Suggested tags or New tag categories. Additional tags can be added by scrolling below the dropdown or searching within it.

Managing Suggested Tags

Suggested tags update weekly, early Monday UTC. Workspace admins can toggle the automatic suggestion feature on or off under Tag Management in the Settings of Guru’s web app.