Following Cards and Authors

In Guru, following authors and cards helps you stay updated on content relevant to your work without the need for manual checks or reminders. This guide outlines how to effectively use the following features to keep abreast of important updates from your team members and key information within Guru.

Following and Author vs. Following a Card

  • Following an Author: Ideal for keeping up with new content from key contributors.
  • Following a Card: Best for staying informed about updates to specific pieces of content that are subject to frequent changes.

Following an Author

Following an author allows you to receive notifications when they publish new cards you have access to. This feature is beneficial for staying connected with prolific content creators in your organization.

Steps to Follow an Author:

  1. Navigate to a card edited by the author and click on their name.
  2. From their profile, you can view their recent contributions and the "Follow" button next to their avatar; click to follow.
  3. Optional: Access user profiles directly via a shared link.

Steps to Unfollow an Author:

  • From your library: Navigate to the Following tab and select Authors to see a list of followed authors. Click the "Following" button to unfollow.
  • From an author's profile: Click on the "Unfollow" button next to their avatar.

How to View Your Followers and Authors You Follow

You can view your followers and the authors you follow through several methods:

  • My Library: Go to the Following tab and select Authors.
  • Your Profile: Click on your avatar, then "My Profile" to view Followers and Following.
  • Guru Extension: Use the extension to toggle between followed Cards and Authors.

Following a Card

Steps to Follow a Card:

  • Navigate to the desired card and click the "Follow" button. It will change to "Following."
  • In Slack, use the /guru command or the "View Card" option and then follow the card.

Steps to Unfollow a Card 

  • From the Card directly: Click the "Following" button, which will change to "Follow."
  • From My Library: Hover over the card and click the bell icon.

To View Cards You Follow:

  • Web App: Navigate to My Library and the Following tab.
  • Extension: Use the Following option to see "Cards I Follow."
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for quicker access (Ctrl + Alt + L on PC, Ctrl + Option + L on Mac).

How to publish a Card and alert followers

Before publishing changes to a Card, check to make sure that the Notify # Card Followers check box is selected.

  • Clicking on # Card Followers will show you who is currently following the Card.
  • If there is no check box, that means that there are no Card followers.



This box defaults to being checked, so unselect the box if you made a small change and don't want to alert followers.

Frequently Asked Questions about following Authors and Cards

Can I follow a Card that is synced?
No, at this time it is not possible to follow a synced Card, since those Cards are not edited within Guru but rather the original source of the content.

Where can I see all the Cards I follow?
At this time, the only way to see which Cards you follow is by navigating to that Card itself. This is the kind of feature request our Product team would love to receive in the Product Feedback category of the Guru Community.

Who can see the followers of a Card from its Details?
Anyone who can view the Card can see who follows the Card. The CSV export of Card Details will also show follow data.

Can I change the frequency of notifications for the Cards I follow?
At this time, the only option is for the notification to be sent immediately after the author chooses to notify the Card's followers. This is the kind of feature request our Product team would love to receive in the Product Feedback category of the Guru Community.

I made an update to a Card I follow and the box was checked to send a notification. Why didn't I receive a notification?
Guru won't send you a notification if you make the update to the Card you follow.

How do I use Card Manager to locate followed Cards?
Click the Displayed Card Attributes filter located at the top-right of the Card Manager navigation bar. Scroll down the list and check the box for Times Followed.

When should I follow a Card versus an author?
We recommend following influential authors on your team and then using the relevant notifications to follow the most important Cards written by these authors so you can keep up with changes.

What's the difference between following a Card and favoriting a Card?
You can use Favorite Cards and Follow a Card in tandem for Cards you both refer to often and anticipate having helpful and meaningful updates.

Favorite Cards are Cards that you want to have on hand at all times. Favorite Lists give you a way to organize Cards from different Collections together around a theme that makes sense to you. You can filter your search results by your favorite Cards.

Following a Card, on the other hand, is best used specifically for Cards that have information that is subject to updates. This feature allows you to be in the know immediately when Card updates are made.

Can everyone on my team be followed?
No, only users with author access can be followed. Users with Read Only access will not have the Follow button on their profile page.

What happens if a user follows an author but they don't have Collection access to a Card that the author published?
The follower will only get notifications for Cards that are published in Collections that they have access to.

What happens when an author publishes a restricted Card?
Notifications won’t be sent to an author’s followers for restricted cards unless the follower is given access to the restricted card in the card’s settings.

What happens if someone loses their author permission in the Guru team?
If a user had author access in Guru, had followers, then lost their author access, they will still have a user profile in Guru, but will no longer have a list of followers or a Follow button on their profile page.