LastPass SSO


Access Required

You must be a Guru admin to access the SSO/SCIM tab on the Apps and Integrations page and to set up SSO for your team.

Setting up LastPass SSO SAML for Guru

  1. First, input the following values on Guru's SSO/SCIM page:

Turn SSO state to Enabled.

  1. Next, input the following values in LastPass:
  • ACS (aka Single Sign-on URL): Can be found on this page in your Guru app
  • Entity ID: (Your Team ID can be found on this page in your Guru app)
  • Nickname: This name should match whatever you first inputted Guru as in your LastPass account, aka how it appears in your Admin console in LastPass
  1. Under the Custom Attributes section in LastPass:
  • Check Sign Assertion
  • Select Attribute 1 as Email
Setting up LastPass SSO Custom Attributes
  1. Under the Advanced Setup section in LastPass:
  • Choose Identifier as Email
  • Select SAML Signature Method: SHA256
Setting up LastPass SSO Advanced Setup
  1. Click Save