Using the Guru App in Microsoft Teams

Guru integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to enhance your workflow by allowing you to create, search, and share knowledge right within the Teams environment. This guide provides a step-by-step overview of how to utilize Guru Cards in Microsoft Teams effectively.

Creating Guru Cards in Microsoft Teams

  1. Click the ellipses (…) on the right side of any Teams message.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose More Actions > Create a Card.
  3. Modify the content of your Card as necessary.
  4. Choose the Collection where the Card will reside, and set the Verifier, Verification Interval, and Folder.
  5. Decide whether to immediately publish the Card or save it as a draft to finalize later in the web app.



  • Initially, the text in the Teams window will appear in Markdown format but will display correctly upon publication.
  • If the desired folder is not available, create it in advance in the Guru web app. Note that you cannot assign tags during the creation process in Teams.
  • The default verification timeline is set for three months but can be adjusted as needed.

Searching and Sharing Guru Cards

Search & Share via the Message Extension

  1. Click the Guru app icon in Teams and select Search Guru.
  2. View recently viewed Cards or use the search prompt to find specific Cards.
  3. Click Post to this Chat / Channel and then submit your message.

Answer with a Card via Message Action

  1. In response to any message, click the ellipses (…) and select More Actions > Answer with Card.
  2. Search for the Guru Card, click Answer with Card, and submit your message.