Managing Subscriptions and Billing


Access Required

You must be a workspace admin to manage your Guru plan subscription term, billing information, and payment method. If you're unsure who your workspace admins are, you can find a list inĀ Manage > Users and GroupsĀ and theĀ Admins tab.

I'm nearing the end of my free trial. Where do I go to select a plan?

When you're ready to purchase Guru, any workspace admin can navigate to Manage > Billing to select a subscription plan and billing cadence (monthly or annual). The payment method you enter during the plan selection process will be charged the upfront cost for the number of users you have in your workspace at present.Ā 

What payment methods does Guru accept?

Guru accepts American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or JCB credit card payments. If you want to pay for Guru by invoice, please reach out to our Sales team by emailing [email protected].


Multiple Guru workspaces?

By default, billing is separated by workspace, meaning each workspace needs to add a payment method. It's possible to configure invoicing with Guru such that a primary workspace is invoiced for all other workspaces in the organization. Please reachĀ out to your Guru account manager or email [email protected]Ā with questions related to invoicing with multiple workspaces.

How do I change my Guru plan?

Admin can edit their workspace's plan using theĀ Change plan button on theĀ Billing page. After entering payment information and clicking Submit Payment, the new plan will immediately be accessible to you and everyone in your workspace.

If your team is currently in a legacy Starter, legacy Builder, or legacy Expert plan and is ready to transition to the All-in-one or Enterprise plan, please contact our team by completingĀ this formĀ orĀ by emailing [email protected] so that we can complete this request for you.

Can we try a different Guru plan before changing plans?

Sure! Please reach out to your Guru account manager or email [email protected] for assistance with setting up a 7-day trial of another plan.

What is a user?

In the context of billing, your organization pays for each Guru user or team member that an admin invites to your Guru workspace, regardless of their permission levels or activity. Both users who author information and users who consume information are considered billable users. This allows flexible feature deployment for different user groups and adoption across various employee levels, without incurring additional costs as roles and business needs evolve. User identity in Guru is defined by email address.

What happens when I add a new user?

Admin can invite usersĀ to the workspace at any point throughout the subscription term. If you add a new user in the middle of your subscription term, you'll be charged a prorated amount from the date the user is added until the end of your term.Ā The prorated date will be based on whether you selected a monthly term or an annual term.


Multiple Guru workspaces?

When a user is a member of more than one workspace within an organization, Guru will only bill for the user inĀ the first workspace they join to avoid double-billing. Primary workspace admins can download a CSV file detailing the number of users and the names of the workspaces they belong to from the Billing page "Organization Summary".

What happens when I remove a user?

When you remove a user, your workspace will have an "Available" seat that can be filled by someone else for the remainder of the subscription cycle at no extra cost.

What types of billing terms does Guru offer?

Guru offers two types of billing terms: monthly or annual. Your payment method on file will be charged on your monthly or annual billing date, which is the day of the month that your subscription automatically renews.

How do I change my billing term?

From the Manage >Ā Billing page, click the Change plan button. The toggle at the top of the modal will enable you to switch and view pricing for monthly vs. annual subscriptions.

What are "Filled seats" and "Available seats"?

Admin can reference the real-time number of "Filled seats" and "Available seats" from the Billing page.Ā Filled seats are the users who are added to your workspace and part of the "All Members" Group.Ā Available seats are from the users who were added and later removed during the renewal cycle. Available seats indicate your ability to add additional users at no additional cost during the renewal cycle.

Guru workspace billing page.png


How do I know which Guru users are active?

A user's "last login date" isn't exactly indicative of their activity with Guru. This is because, in almost all circumstances, a Guru user stays logged in and won't be forced to sign in againĀ untilĀ they manually log out or hit a pre-determined session timeout limit (SSO is enabled).

TheĀ Adoption and Feature UsageĀ analytics dashboard "Adoption over time" report shows the percent weekly adoption (number of active users divided by the number of invited users).

If you want to get even more granular and see how many actions (views, edits, searches, etc.) a user performs in a given period, the Group and User Drill-DownĀ dashboard's "Top actions" or "Events by User" reports will indicate your active users.

Does Guru charge me for inactive users?

Once the user has been invited to Guru and the 24-hour grace period has lapsed, your workspace will be charged for that user moving forward, regardless of user activity.

How do I change the payment method?

If you need to make any changes to your company information or payment method, you can also do this on the BillingĀ page. Under the "Plan details" header, clickĀ Update Payment Method.

Edit payment method with Guru billing.png

Note: you will not be able to fill out the "Payment Method" field without first filling out the required "Company info" section. Likewise, if there is an error in one field, you will not be able to proceed to the next field until it is resolved.

How do I change my billing information (where invoices are sent)?

Under "Company Info," you can change the primary email receiving invoices, as well as enter "Additional Emails" which will also receive invoices from Guru.Ā Under the "Invoices" header, you will see a history of past invoices. These can be downloaded for your reference and record-keeping.

Edit company info with Guru billing.png

How do I change my company's physical address?

If you want to change your company's physical address, please reach out to our team by completingĀ this formĀ or email [email protected].


What is Guru's cancellation policy?

Guru's cancellation policy is simple. Just email Guru ([email protected]) to notify in writing at least fifteen (15) days before your monthly or annual subscription renewal date that you would like to cancel your Guru subscription. Guru's full Terms of Service can be reviewed here:Ā


Does Guru issue refunds?

Guru does not issue refunds for seats added during your billing cycle. Guru does not offer refunds for canceled subscriptions. Please refer to Guru'sĀ Terms of ServiceĀ for more information.

My workspace is locked. My free trial is over. What should I do?

If your team members are locked out of Guru and unable to sign in, please contact our team by completingĀ this form or by emailing [email protected].

How to interpret a Guru invoice

Termed Subscription

  • When youā€™re on a termed subscription, you will receive an annual invoice that charges you for all of the users in your workspace for the 12-month term.
  • When a Guru admin invites more users throughout the term, you'll be charged for those users at your next monthly billing date.

Below is an example of an annual renewal invoice for 70 seats: Charge summary for termed Guru subscription.pngBelow is an example of an incremental invoice where the customer added one additional user during their term:
Charge summary for users added during termed Guru subscription.png

Prorated, retroactive charges for added seats
When you add users, you'll receive a credit for the seats you've already paid for. The new users will be charged a prorated amount from the date that you added them, until the end of the term. Seats will remain on the account until the end of the term as ā€œAvailable seats.ā€ Even if you remove a user, that seat will remain available and can be filled with another user.

Renewal charges
If you have an order form from the prior year but did not sign one for the current year, your renewal will be based on the higher of last year's minimum or current active users. To change this, contact your Guru account manager or email [email protected] to sign a new order form.


Monthly Subscription

Below is an example of a monthly subscription invoice from Aug 8, 2021. In this example, the customer had ten seats in their Guru workspace and then added ten additional seats on July 23, 2021:

Prorated, retroactive charges for added seats

  1. A credit for the previous ten users that the customer had in their workspace, prorated for the amount of time left in their renewal cycle (Jul 23 to Aug 8). These ten users were already paid for in the previous monthly invoice.
  2. A charge for the new ten users that the customer added on Jul 23, prorated for the amount of time left in their renewal cycle.

Renewal charges
The customer also has a charge for the number of users in their workspace at the time of renewal. That renewal charge is shown as a one line item on their invoice:

  1. A charge for the 20 users in the customerā€™s workspace for their renewal period, which is from Aug 9 to Sept 8 (ā€œFilled seatsā€).


How Guru handles upgrades

You'll be charged a prorated amount based on the number of "Filled seats" at the time of upgrade.


Access to multiple workspaces?

It's possible to configure billing such that a primary workspace is invoiced for all other workspaces in the organization. Only the primary workspace will receive the invoice for all workspaces, including their own. When an admin in a non-primary workspace navigates to the workspace Billing page, they will see a message indicating the primary workspace handles their billing. Please contact your Guru account manager, useĀ this form, or email [email protected]Ā with questions related to billing with multiple workspaces.



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