Creating Guru Folders

Within Collections, folders allow you to visually organize your content by topic. Folders can hold other folders up to two additional levels of nesting, offering hierarchy by enabling the grouping of like folders.


Access Required

You must be an author or a Collection owner to create a folder in a Collection. Admins cannot create folders without first granting themselves membership to a Group with author or Collection owner access to the Collection.

Create a folder in Guru's web app

  1. From the dashboard, select All Collections in the left-hand navigation. Then, select the Collection in which you'd like to create a folder.
  2. Click the plus icon ("➕") to the right of the Collection's name at the top of the left pane and select the Add folder button to get started.
Creating folders in Guru.png
  1. Enter the folder's name, then hit Enter to save. The folder's title should communicate to your team the kind of Card content they can find within it. Try to distinguish its name so users understand which folder to select for the Card during the new Card creation process.
  2. Your folder will now appear in the Collection column. Drag and drop the folder up or down to reposition it within the list of Cards and other folders.
  3. Click the ellipsis to the right of its name to expand a menu with options to edit further.
Guru Folder actions menu.png
  1. You can now add Cards to the folder.

Create a folder in Slack

  1. In your DM with the Guru Slackbot, type help.
  2. Under the header Content Creation, click Create new folder.
  3. In the Create folder pop-up:
  • Select the Collection in which you'd like to create the new folder.
  • Enter what you'd like the folder to be named in the Name field.
  • Click Save.
  1. The Guru Slackbot will message confirming the creation of the folder in the specified Collection with a link to open the folder in Guru's web app.
  2. The section's ellipses icon provides further options to Edit name or Delete folder.

Move Folders

Drag-and-drop folders within the Collection and within other folders. Alternatively, use the Card Manager to move Cards to folders in bulk (requires filtering by another attribute like folder name, Card title, or tag).

Share direct links to folders

You can easily share folders with other Guru teammates who have Collection permission or specific folder permission by clicking on the link icon found to the right of the folder's name while hovering over it with your cursor.

Copy link to Guru folder.png

Clicking the link icon automatically copies the direct hyperlink to the folder to your keyboard.

Deleting folders

  1. Navigate to the Collection containing the folder you would like to delete.
  2. Hover to the right of the folder's name and click the ellipses icon ("").
  3. Select Delete folder from the folder's drop-down menu.
  4. In the pop-up window, click Delete folder again to permanently delete the folder. Once confirmed, the folder cannot be retrieved or restored.

Deleting the folder will move all of the Cards to the parent folder (if there is one). Deleting the folder does not archive or delete the Cards that were contained in the deleted folder.

Create a new Card in a folder

  1. Navigate to the folder you want to add a Card to and click the "➕" plus icon next to the folder name.
  2. Select the Add new Card inside button to add a new Card to that folder.
  3. This will open the menu with the options for creating a new Card.

Add an existing Card to a folder

  1. Navigate to the "➕" plus icon at the top of the navigation bar next to the folder name.
  2. Click Add existing Card inside.
  3. You will be prompted to search for the Card(s) to add to the selected folder.
  • Click the Card's title to select it, indicated by a checkmark "✔️".
  • Preview the Card by clicking the icon to the right of the Card's title that appears on hover.
  • Continue searching for Cards. Cards that have already been selected will remain selected.
  1. Select one or more Cards and click Add Cards.



This functionality only works for Cards that live in that Collection. To move Cards between Collections, navigate to the Card Manager.

Edit an existing Card's folder(s)

Click the ellipsis at the top of the Card. Select Edit folders and search for the folder you'd like to add your Card to. If the folder doesn't exist, after you type the name in the search bar, you'll see the hyperlinked text "Create new folder named [your search term]?" to create a new folder for the Card to live in.



Click and then drag and drop the Card to move it within a folder or to a different folder while it is expanded in the left pane of the Collection view.

Add or remove Cards from a folder in bulk

  1. From Card Manager, select the Cards you would like to add to or remove from a folder. Only Cards from the same Collection can be added to a different folder within that Collection. Guru indicates and disables the add or remove folder action when you've chosen Cards from multiple Collections.
  2. Once the Cards are selected, click on the Add or Remove folder icon.
  3. Choose the folder that you would like to bulk add the selected Cards. Finally, click Save change to complete the bulk addition of Cards. Click Remove from folder(s) to remove the Cards from the folder.
Adding Guru Cards to folders using Card Manager.png