Setting up Employee Org Charts and HRIS Sync

Guru's org chart displays an at-a-glance map of your Guru workspace's entire user base, the All Members list, in a visually intuitive format. The org chart reflects the relationships between Guru users, providing a contextual understanding of team member roles and their areas of expertise. Click on any user in the org chart to navigate to their employee profile to learn more about the person and the knowledge they may have published. This can serve as a starting point for engaging in meaningful conversations about work, facilitating productivity.

Guru also offers the capability to sync with your organization's Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which makes it even easier to keep your team's employee profile information up-to-date.

Org Charts

Viewing your workspace's org chart

  1. Click Org Chart in your avatar menu in the top right corner of the web app.
  2. From an employee's profile page, click the Show in Org Chart button. The org chart will appear centered on that person.
  3. Search for a teammate in Guru's web app and hover over the result in the People tab. Click the Show in Org Chart button to the right of their name.
    Org chart in People search result.png

Click and drag in the open space to move around the org chart. Use the scroll function of your mouse or trackpad, or the controls at the bottom of the org chart, to zoom in and zoom out. Clicking the Reset 🔄 icon will reset the webpage's zoom. Click the # Reports button to expand the org chart and view that manager's direct reports.



If your org chart shows missing connections, a Guru workspace admin can fill these gaps by inviting users manually or automatically with SCIM, asking users to set their Manager in their employee profile, or linking your team's HRIS to control profile fields.

Viewing a Guru user's profile

Click on any user in the org chart to navigate to their employee profile.

Disable the org chart

Admins can disable the org chart and hide it from all workspace members by navigating to Manage > Workspace Preferences and clicking the slider under Visibility to toggle it to the left. The Org Chart link located in the avatar menu in the top right corner will immediately disappear along with the Show in Org Chart button in the employee profile.


Which HRIS does Guru sync with?

AlexisHR, Altera Payroll, BambooHR, BizMerlin HR, Breathe, Ceridian Dayforce, Charlie, ChartHop, Deel, Factorial, Freshteam, Gusto, Hibob, HR Cloud, HR Partner, Humaans, IntelliHR, JumpCloud, Justworks, Lano, Lucca, Namely, Nmbrs, Officient, Okta, OneLogin, Paychex, Paylocity, PeopleHR, Personio, Proliant, Sage HR, Sapling, Sesame, Square Payroll, SuccessFactors, TriNet, UKG Dimensions, UKG Pro, UKG Ready, Workday, Zenefits.

The following profile fields may be supported by the sync, depending on the HRIS you're connecting to:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Profile picture
  • Job title
  • Team
  • Work location
  • Start date
  • Manager
  • Direct reports (when applicable)

Sensitive information like employee payment and salary data, SSN, etc. will not be synced.

The rest of the profile fields are freeform text fields and should be completed by the individual user. This includes:

  • About me
  • What I'm working on
  • Best way to work with me
  • Working hours

How to set up an HRIS sync

  1. Navigate to Manage > Users and Groups> **HRIS Sync**
  2. Click the Set Up HRIS Sync button.
  3. Choose your team's HRIS and follow the prompts. The exact steps to set up your sync will depend on which HRIS your organization uses.
  4. Click Submit to confirm your choices and enable the sync. You'll see a confirmation message on the HRIS syncs tab clarifying which profile fields will be synced, as well as the options to Edit sync or Disable sync.
  5. You will begin to see updates flow from the HRIS into individual employee profiles in Guru within 24 hours.

Manually map the "Job Title" field between your HRIS and Guru

  1. Navigate to Manage > Users and Groups> *HRIS Sync
  2. Click Edit sync, then click Map fields.
  3. Select the field in your HRIS platform (Workday, Personio, etc.) that you'd like to map to "job_title" in Guru.
  4. Click Save mappings to finish the setup.

How to update your HRIS sync credentials

  1. Navigate to Manage > Users and Groups> *HRIS Sync ** tab.
  2. Click Edit sync, then click Update to begin the process of customizing the field mapping.
  3. Walk through the screens and click Submit to finish the setup.

Troubleshooting a user's position in the org chart

Determine if your Guru workspace has enabled an HRIS sync. Navigate to Manage > Users and Groups> *[HRIS Sync]

  • The HRIS sync is disabled. Navigate to the user's employee profile page and determine who they've selected as their Manager. If you are a Guru admin, click ✏️ Edit and modify the user's profile on their behalf. After saving, navigate back to the org chart and confirm the user now appears in the right position.
  • The HRIS sync is enabled. The information contained in the employee profile and the org chart is coming from the configured HRIS platform. Contact your HR team to proceed with troubleshooting this information in the HRIS. If there is a discrepancy between the assigned manager in the HRIS and the manager displayed on the Guru employee profile page, please contact Technical Support by clicking Contact Guru Support under Help in the web app or by emailing [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions about Employee Org Charts & HRIS syncs

Can I hide an individual user on the org chart?

It's currently not possible to hide individual users from the org chart without removing them from the Guru workspace. Guru continues to invest in building this area of our product and this is the type of product feedback we'd like to receive in the Guru Community.

Can I configure which specific profile fields our HRIS syncs to and updates in Guru?
Only "Job Title" is manually configurable at this time. If there is a field in particular you'd like to see, please submit it as Product Feedback in the Guru Community.

Can Guru profile field data flow into the employee's profile in the HRIS?
No, not at this time. The sync is one-way and information flows from the employee's profile in the HRIS to the pre-defined, synced profile fields in Guru. Once the sync is enabled, edits will need to be made in the HRIS to see them reflected in the user's synced profile in Guru.

How often is profile information synced from the HRIS to Guru?
Generally, you will see updated profile information flow into Guru within 24 hours of an edit being made in the HRIS.

What will happen to the existing data within employee profiles after enabling the sync?
Fields synced in from your HRIS will overwrite any manually added information, with the exception of First Name and Last Name. First Name, Last Name, and any fields not synced in from your HRIS will continue to be manually editable in Guru.

What happens if the admin who set up the HRIS sync is removed from the workspace?
The state of the HRIS sync within your Guru workspace after the configuring admin departs depends on the authentication requirements of the synced HRIS platform. If the admin who setup the sync is removed from the workspace, one of the remaining admins should check the Settings > Apps and Integrations > HRIS Sync page to confirm whether or not the sync remains active. If disconnected, the admin can re-authenticate to resume the sync.

What happens if the user is known by one email address in the HRIS and another in Guru?
The email address is Guru's unique identifier. If there is a mismatch, the sync will likely fail to identify the correct user profile to update in Guru. In this case, the user will continue to be able to manually edit their profile fields.

How do HRIS and SCIM user data interact in Guru?
SCIM data is treated the same as the manual entry of data. If a profile field is synced to the HRIS, it will have precedence compared to SCIM data.

Do new users added to my HRIS automatically get added to Guru?
No, not with the HRIS sync. However, automatically adding new users to Guru is possible to set up by enabling SSO with SCIM. We recommend talking with your IT team about this.

How will the profiles of Guru users outside my company (who have access to Guru) look?
If the HRIS sync is disabled, each Guru user will be able to manually fill out their own profile. If the HRIS sync is enabled, the Guru users outside of the HRIS will be able to fill out their profiles manually. Other Guru users won’t be able to tell if a user is synced with the HRIS (i.e. an employee) or not.