Employee profiles connect people with the knowledge that they create and consume. On this page, you can view which Cards users have authored and which teammates users are following. You can also edit your own profile information on this page.

Access a teammate's profile

To locate any teammate's profile, navigate to a Card that a user last edited and click on their name in the top left corner of the Card.

To view the profiles of the Authors you follow, navigate to the Following tab of My Library and select the Authors pill. From there, you can click the teammate's profile tile to be taken to their profile page.

✍️ Note

You can also access employee profiles directly via a shared link.

On the user's profile page, you can view which Cards the user has followed. You can also view who follows the user and who the user follows.

Access your profile

1. Click on your picture/avatar in the top right corner of the web app. (This turns into a Settings gear icon when clicked.)

2. Select My Profile.

From your profile page, you can view who you are following, who follows you, and which Cards you've authored.

You can update your profile by selecting the pencil icon next to your name on the right side of the screen.

Edit your profile

Add a profile picture or change your profile picture

  1. Click Change photo.

  2. Drag an image (.png, .gif , .jpeg, .svg), click Upload, or attach an image link.

    To remove the uploaded picture, click Remove photo.

Edit your First Name or Last Name

Click on your current first name or last name and edit.

Edit your email address

Learn why changing your email address requires an Admin's assistance.

Edit your Password

  1. Click the Change your password link.

  2. Select Update.

  3. Follow the directions in the article How to change or reset your password in Guru.

Edit your team and role

These fields are managed by Guru's marketing team and cannot be customized.

  1. Select what type of team you are on.

  2. Select what role best describes you.

Disable web app keyboard shortcuts (optional)

Uncheck the box next to Enable keyboard shortcuts for copying Card content and links.

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