JumpCloud SSO


Access Required

You must be a Guru admin to access the SSO/SCIM page in **Manage** and to set up SSO for your team.

Setting up JumpCloud and Guru

  1. Log into JumpCloud. From your Dashboard, click on SSO under User Authentication on the side panel.
  2. Click on the + button, search for Guru and click configure.


  1. Within the General Info tab enter Guru under Display Label.
  2. Click on the SSO tab to the right of General Info.
  3. In a new tab, open the SSO/SCIM page in Guru.
  4. Copy these values from Guru to JumpCloud:
  • Audience URL ➡️ SP Entity ID
  • Single Sign On URL ➡️ ACS URL



Only the ACS URL requires https:// if the SP Entity ID field includes https:// you'll need to remove this in JumpCloud

  1. Navigate to the Attributes section and click on add attribute.


  1. Enter email under both columns.


  1. Click activate and then continue on the pop-up asking you to confirm.
  2. Click on Download Certificate in the upper right-hand corner. If you accidentally hit the x on the certificate popup you can retrieve the certificate by going back into the Guru app and clicking on IDP Certificate Valid > Download certificate.


  1. Copy these values from JumpCloud to the SSO/SCIM page in Guru:
  • IDP Entity ID -> Identity Provider Issuer
  • IDP URL -> Identity Provider Single Sign-On Url
  • Open your downloaded certificate and copy the contents and paste this into the x.509 Certificate in Guru.
  1. Toggle the SSO state to Enabled Guru.
  2. Within your Guru app in JumpCloud provision access to Guru by adding Groups under User Groups.