Setting up Guru's app for Microsoft Teams

With our Guru app for Microsoft Teams, your team can search and surface all of your team's knowledge directly in Office 365 using Guru's Answer with Card action, keeping your conversations moving without having to switch contexts. Enabling notifications within MS Teams allows you to stay up to date on important Guru activity right within your chat tool.



Want to make setup even easier? Your team's M365 Admin can enable the below settings to ensure easy access to Guru while in Teams

  • Add the Guru App and pin it for your team using these instructions.
  • Then direct your team to Part 2 of this article to sign into the Guru App for Teams.

Setting up the Guru app in Microsoft Teams

Part 1: Enable and Install the Guru App for Microsoft Teams

  1. Navigate to Microsoft Teams through your browser or open your Microsoft Teams desktop application.
  2. To access the App Marketplace, click on the Apps icon on the left side of your screen/app.
  3. Search for Guru to find the Guru App.

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 11.04.23 AM.png

  1. Choose Open > Add to a team button and select the Team or channel where you would like to enable the Guru app.


Access Required

The Guru App can be installed into a Team and/or as a personal app and can only be set up by an admin of your Guru team. It is recommended that you install it for a Team as it will make the Guru app accessible to all members of that Team.

  1. A welcome message will be sent to the selected team's General channel introducing the bot, and you will personally also receive a welcome message in your chat from the Guru bot.

After the app is installed, in order to search, share and view Guru Cards and receive notifications from Guru, you must authenticate and link your Guru account within Microsoft Teams. Read on to learn how to authenticate and log in to the Guru app.

Part 2: Authenticate and log into the Guru app for Microsoft Teams

  1. Click on the Guru app icon within Microsoft Teams (found below any message compose box) and select Settings. If you don't see the Guru app icon below your chat, select the three dots on the far right and then right-click on the Guru app and select Pin to add it to your toolbar.
  1. If it's your first time authenticating your Guru app for Microsoft Teams, clicking Sign-in will launch a browser window prompting you to enter a unique 6-digit code and a separate window requesting that authenticate with your Guru credentials.



If you don't see this initial window, it can sometimes be hiding behind your browser window or the Teams application

  1. Once you're logged into your Guru account, you'll be provided a 6-digit code that you should input into the original pop-up authentication window (from step #2).
  2. Once you enter the 6-digit code, you should be logged in and enabled to fully utilize the entire Guru Teams integration experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Guru app for Microsoft Teams

My company doesn't allow for individual user installs of 3rd party apps, how can I get the Guru app?
If you don't have permission in M365 to install Guru, you can ask your M365 or IT Admin to whitelist Guru (instructions).

How does the integration ensure that Guru's access permissions also apply in Teams?
Before providing access to a Guru card in Microsoft Teams, Guru will check if that user has access to Guru and permission to view a Card. Learn more about inviting users to Guru here and about granting users permission to view, edit and share Cards here.

What operating systems & environments does the Guru app for Microsoft Teams integration support?
The Guru app will work across all OS and environments that MS Teams supports. Learn more, here.

Why does some of my Card formatting appear differently when viewed in MS Teams?
Guru Cards are displayed with as much rich content and formatting capabilities as possible with the framework that Microsoft Teams supports. Guru will continually look for ways to improve the display of its Card content to minimize your need to leave the Teams app.

How can I switch what Guru team I'm logged into in Teams?
To switch which Guru team is authenticated with your Microsoft Teams user, you will need to:

  1. Sign out (via Settings) for the Guru app within Microsoft Teams (via desktop application or browser)
  2. Verify that you are signed in to the new team within the Guru application (in your default browser), and
  3. Sign in (via Settings) for the Guru app within Microsoft Teams and Grant Permissions to the new team.



Users individually can "pin" the Guru app for quick personal access. To pin the Guru app, right-click on the Guru app to open up the second option panel. Select pin.