Troubleshooting embedded content

Troubleshooting " refused to connect" message

If Google can't authenticate your access to Google Drive for whatever reason, you will be prompted with an error message " refuses to connect". This is due to security reasons on Google's end, but there are several reasons why this happens. To resolve this, check the following:

  • Double-check that you are logged into Google (especially if you are logging in on a different computer, in your web browser's incognito mode, etc.).
  • Ensure that your Chrome settings are not blocking "Third Party Cookies."
  • Ensure that no browser extensions are blocking "Third Party Cookies."
  • In Safari, ensure you have disabled "Prevent cross-site tracking" under Preferences > Privacy > Website Tracking settings.
  • Does the issue persist after signing into Google and Guru in a different web browser?

Troubleshooting the "you need permission" message

If you run into the "you need permission to access this file" message, this more than likely indicates that you are logged into Google under a different email that does not have access to the file in question. To resolve this, review the file's Share settings in Google Drive and confirm that you are logged into the correct Google account with access to this file.

Troubleshooting 403 error when viewing embedded PDFs from Google Drive

PDFs uploaded to Google Drive operate differently than Google Docs and Google Sheets and require an embed code pasted into the Guru Card rather than the file link pasted into an Iframe block. Check out the instructions for how to embed PDFs stored in Google Drive here .