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Frequently asked questions about Guru's Generative AI Feature

Which Guru plans include Answers and Assist?
All Guru workspaces on All-in-one and Enterprise plans have access to Guru's Answers and Assist features at this time. Workspaces on legacy Builder or legacy Expert plans should contact our team by completing this form or by emailing [email protected].

Can I disable or opt my team's data out of Answers and Assist?
Yes! However, workspaces that opt out won’t be able to continue utilizing the feature in the web app, extension, and Slack. In addition, any linked Answer sources will stop syncing to Guru. If, at any point, you would like to disable these features for your workspace, a workspace admin can disable Assist under **Manage > Workspace Preferences >Assist for Authorsor Assist for Readers. Answers can be shut off under Manage > Workspace Preferneces > Enable Answers.

Will data from my Guru workspace be revealed to users in other Guru workspaces?
No. Guru customer data is never shared with other Guru customers. It is never used to train any sort of public large language model (LLM), and it is never stored in any LLM infrastructure. Customers using any of Guru’s AI capabilities can be assured that Guru remains compliant with our industry certifications and customer-specific security and privacy certifications. See our security overview and this relevant blog post.

Where is my data going when I use Guru Assist or Answers?
Guru understands how sensitive your company data is. As part of the already existing agreement between you and Guru, namely Guru's Terms of Service, your data will be processed and stored by the same systems as all other Guru data, and Guru will be bound by the same security policies, standards, and procedures that are already in place. Learn more about security at Guru.

Guru leverages OpenAI's GPT functionality by way of OpenAI's public API.  For Answers, Guru performs an initial keyword search on all text to which it has access (eg, Guru cards, Google docs, service tickets) and surfaces the top three artifacts.  By filtering first within Guru and serving to OpenAI, only the text within the selected sources is moved. The data submitted through Assist and Answers and the corresponding output is automatically deleted by OpenAI immediately (zero-day retention) and is not used for any other purposes (such as large language model training).

Does Guru integrate with ChatGPT?  
Guru is part of OpenAI’s limited alpha program, which is enabling us to build a plugin for ChatGPT. We recommend upvoting this Community post so that you'll automatically receive updates as our work continues.