Setting up a Publishing Workflow

Publishing workflows are designed to empower subject matter experts and ensure the highest quality content gets published in your Guru knowledge base. By restricting who can publish Cards, Collection owners and authors gain the ability to:

  • Maintain content consistency. By implementing an approval process, you can guarantee that all published content adheres to your team's standards.

  • Boost accuracy. An approval process allows for careful review before publication, minimizing the risk of errors reaching your Collection's audience.

  • Streamline collaboration. The feature provides a clear and organized process for content creation and approval for publication within your Guru Collection.


Access Required

Publishing workflows are enabled or disabled by members of the Collection's Collection owners group(s). If you need Collection owner access to a collection, contact your Guru workspace admins under ManageUsers and GroupsAdmin.

Enable Collection publishing workflows

  1. In Guru's web app, navigate to Manage, then click on the Collections page.
  2. Scroll to locate the Collection and click the Publishing Workflows tab. You'll only see this tab in Collections you have Collection owner Group membership in.
  3. In the "Publishing approval" box, click the Enable this step button.
  4. In the dropdown list, click on the names of the Collection owner and author Groups that are permitted to publish Cards in this Collection without review. Users belonging to Groups not selected in this list will be required to submit their drafts for Collection owner approval before publication.
  5. Click Save to save your edits and immediately enable the publishing workflow for all Cards produced by members outside of the named Groups moving forward. Click Cancel to go back to the previous page without saving.

When members of the Groups not named here create a new Card or edit a published Card in this Collection, they'll see the option to Request to publish. After summarizing what they changed (optional), clicking the Submit Request button instantly sends a notification to all users of Groups who can publish, indicating they have a Card to review for publication.

publishing workflows request to publish.png

Review and publish Cards pending approval

Every author and Collection owner's Drafts queue in the web app is personalized. It reflects the Cards you're creating or editing by yourself (or with others), as well as the Cards you are responsible for publishing.

review cards pending publication.png

Review the "Status" column to understand the stage every draft Card is in ("Draft" or "Needs your approval"). You can't sort this table by Status, but you can sort by "Last Edit Date". For Cards that need your approval, click the title to open the Card in edit mode. Review the contents and proceed publishing the draft Card.

Editing or deleting a Collection's publishing workflow

  1. From the Collection's Publishing workflows tab, click the button with the pencil icon in the "Publishing approval" box.
  2. In the modal, add or remove Groups that can publish Cards without review. You can also delete the publishing workflow altogether, making it so all author and Collection owner Groups can publish Cards without review in this Collection.
  3. Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to go back to the previous page without saving.

Frequently asked questions about publishing workflows

Can I edit a draft Card in review for publication?

Yes, you can keep editing the draft version of the published Card and Guru will auto-save your edits. There is no tracking of changes between a request to publish and the point of review. Leaving comments @mentioning other collaborators in a comment in the draft Card may be helpful.

Will our authors notice a difference if I enable publishing workflows on an existing Collection?

Users in the Groups that can publish Cards without review will not notice any difference. Users in Groups that are required to submit their Card edits for approval will likely notice a difference because their draft Card's "Publish" button is replaced with a "Request to publish" button.

What happens if a Collection's publishing workflow is disabled while I have draft versions of published Cards in review?

Your Tasks and Card Manager draft Cards tables will update to reflect that they are standalone drafts no longer in review.