Whether you’re creating a new Card or editing an existing one, you want to be sure that you’re selecting the correct subject matter expert(s) to serve as the Card’s Verifier. Sometimes identifying these experts can be challenging. AI Suggest Expert uses AI to suggest potential Verifiers for each Card.

How it Works:

Guru uses Card content and historical actions (i.e. who has created/verified each Card) to identify potential experts. Its suggestions will improve over time as more people create and verify Cards. Guru does not consider Private Cards when identifying experts.

The process to start generating suggestions for AI Suggest Expert runs once a week, early Monday UTC time. Due to this, depending on when you create your Guru team, it may take several days before you see suggested Experts for the first time. Before this process will start, your team will also need to meet the 4-user minimum for AI Suggest Expert. Once the process begins, suggestions will regularly update as the machine learning powering AI Suggest Expert learns from your team’s activity.

Card Creation:

  • The default Verifier will still be set to you (the Author).

  • Upon clicking on the dropdown, you will see a yellow section titled Suggested Verifiers.

  • Suggested Verifiers can either be Groups of users or individuals.

  • You must have at least 4 users on your Guru team in order for AI Suggest Expert to provide recommendations.

AI Suggest Card Creation

Changing the Verifier on an existing Card:

  • Click on a Card’s Trust status icon to edit a Card’s Verifier and Verification Interval

  • Upon clicking on the dropdown, you will see a yellow section entitled Suggested Verifiers.

Ask an Expert:

  • Click on the question mark icon in the Guru extension or Help in the web app navigation to Ask an Expert.

  • Upon clicking on the dropdown, you will see a yellow section entitled Suggested Experts.

  • You no longer need to know exactly who to direct your question to - AI Suggest Expert will identify Experts who can best address your inquiry.

AI Suggest Expert

Using this feature is a great way to empower more members of your Guru team to author content. A wider pool of users can create Cards, but then Guru will tell you who should verify it.

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