This article covers how Guru displays Card and People search results to users. If you are interested in learning how to search in Guru, see searching content in Guru.

Displaying relevant results to users


Once a set of relevant Cards that the searcher has access to has been determined, the Cards are ranked in order of relevance to the search terms and displayed to the searcher. For each Card on the result list, a content snippet of up to 200 characters is displayed.

These snippets are either the part of the Card that was determined to be most relevant or, if no section of the Card was particularly relevant, the first part of the Card is shown. If words in the title or snippet of the Card match the search terms, they will be highlighted in light purple. Neither matches in tags nor variations of the search terms will be highlighted.

✍️ Note

The maximum number of search results displayed is 50 results. Users can Sort the 50 results by Relevance (default), Date Created, and Last Updated. To understand why Cards were selected for Relevance, you’ll want to refer to the section Gathering Relevant Results in How Guru’s search works.


Discover Guru teammate profiles by searching for a partial or full first name or last name. Select the People tab after executing a search in the web app to view matching employee profiles.

Filtering search results

To the left of the Cards displayed in your search results, you'll see optional Collection, Tag, Author, Cards I've favorited, and Verified Cards filters. These filters are related to the Card results displayed. Interacting with these filters could give you access to different Card results than your initial keyword search.

Under the Collections and Tags filter categories, you will see up to 100 Collections and 100 tags listed in descending order according to how many matches there are per Collection and tag. You might need to click Show more + to view Collections and tags out of view.

To apply Collections and Tags filters to search results, select one (or more) checkboxes representing the name of the Collection or tag you'd like to filter your search results by. When filtering by Authors, you can only select one Card author at a time.

Notice how your search results and filter categories update as you select filters? That's because the filters will interact with each other as you make your choices.

Click Clear All to clear all filters and start a fresh search for the keywords entered.

If you want more room to see search results, click Hide filters to hide the filter panel from your view.


Want to save or share your filtered search results? Bookmark the filtered search results webpage or copy the URL of your search results page and share it with your Guru teammate. Group permissions will influence whether your teammate sees the same search results you do.

Sorting search results

Sorting search results by Relevance is Guru's default sort order. Selecting to sort search results by Date Created shows the results in the newest or oldest order of date of Card creation. Finally, sorting search results by Last Updated shows the results in the newest or oldest order of date of the last Card update.

Though you'll only see up to 50 results, a sort by Date Created or Last Updated could include results that aren't included in the initial 50 results determined by Relevance.

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