Experts can create new Cards in response to questions, allowing you and your team to access the answer again. Over time, Q&A learns from your questions and surfaces recommended Cards accordingly.

Ask a Question

1. Click on the question mark icon in the Guru extension or Help in the Guru web app.

2. Select Ask an Expert.

3. Use the space to type your question. Provide sufficient information for your team's subject matter expert to easily understand and answer it.

4. If after typing your question Guru has found similar matches, click on the Show Cards prompt to ensure that the answer to your question isn’t already in Guru. This reduces the possibility of duplicate, confusing content!

5. Select the individual subject matter expert (or Group of experts) you would like to answer your question. You will be able to select users or Groups who are Authors in Collections you have access to. Our AI Suggest Expert feature also surfaces Suggested Experts for your question.

6. Click Ask question.

7. Users or Groups who are assigned to answer will be notified in their Questions Inbox. Under Sent, you will see all the questions you have asked, if the question has been answered, and who has answered the question.

8. Once the subject matter expert has answered, you will be notified via email or Slack notification. Access their answer anytime in the future by searching for the Card!

πŸ’‘ Tips

  • If the subject matter expert comments on the question asking for additional or clarifying information, you can respond by clicking your question under the Tasks tab and clicking Add a comment.

  • If a user answered your question with a Card that you do not have access to, you can request access to the Card by contacting one of your Guru Admins.

✍️ Note

Read Only, Author, and Collection Owner users can view their Sent questions in Tasks; Authors and Collection Owners users can view their Inbox in Tasks or under the Questions tab in the Card Manager.

πŸŽ“ Collection Owner or Author? Learn how to respond to teammate questions in the Guru Academy.

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