Want some inspiration for your template Cards? Add a template Card from Guru's Template Gallery, which houses templates that different Guru teams have used in their instances.

1. Navigate to https://www.getguru.com/templates

2. Select the template that you are interested in adding to your team. Click on Add Card to Guru:

Add Guru Card from the Template Gallery

3. Click on the Copy template to clipboard button. Then, log into your Guru account:

Copy Card template to your clipboard

Note: The "Copy template to clipboard" button isn't currently supported in Safari; we recommend Safari users either use Chrome for this, or manually select and copy the Card content on the prior Card description page.

4. Once you're logged in to the Guru web app, click the + create Card icon at the upper right corner of your window to create a new card

5. Paste the content of the template into your Card

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