Guru offers the functionality to save your Card as a draft before publishing. This will allow you to wait until the knowledge you are sharing is ready to go before publishing. When you are ready, use the below steps to finish the process of publishing your Card!

💡 Tip

If at any time you close out of your browser in the middle of editing a Card, Guru will still save your work! You can find these autosaved drafts in the Drafts tab under My Tasks.

Recovering a Card draft in the web app

1. Navigate to Tasks, then select the Drafts tab. You should see your Card title listed as well as the date the Card was last edited.

2. Now you can continue working on the Card! If you’d like to save the Card as a draft without publishing again, select Save Draft again.

3. When you are ready to publish the Card, select Next step. There you can add tags to the Card and assign it to the correct Collection and Board.

4. Click Publish Card.

✍️ Note

You can also archive a drafted Card from this menu! It is important to note that if you archive a draft, that will be permanently deleted from Guru. 📝

Recovering a Card draft in the extension

1. Click on the Cards icon in the extension.

2. Select the More tab to filter down your Cards further, then select Draft Cards from that menu.

3. Here, you can pull up any Cards you are currently working on to continue editing and publish them right from the extension!

Recovering Card draft in the extension

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