In this article, you’ll learn how Admins can enable AI Suggest Text for teams on Guru's Expert or Enterprise editions. It just takes a few minutes and can be done from within the Guru web app - no development expertise required.

Want to know more about AI Suggest Text before enabling it? Check out our AI Suggest Text overview.

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AI Suggest Text settings allow Admins to:

  • Configure which third-party apps it works with.

  • Decide which Collections AI Suggest Text will draw suggestions from.

  • Decide which Groups will see Card suggestions.

  • Limit what data AI Suggest Text collects through data masking.

AI Suggest Text is available for the following Web Apps:

Enabling AI Suggest Text

Admins can enable AI Suggest Text for their team in a few moments by following these steps:

1. Click on your avatar in the upper-right hand corner and select Team Settings.

2. Click on Apps and Integrations in the left-hand menu.

3. Select the AI Suggest Text tab from the center panel.

4. Move the toggle to the right for each third-party app you want AI Suggest Text to work with.

Set boundaries for AI Suggest Text

It’s important to understand that, by enabling AI Suggest Text, some data from the apps for which it is enabled will be picked up and stored in Guru’s database. This data is stored with the same protections as the rest of your Guru data. To minimize what’s collected, Guru only looks at certain pages within enabled apps, and only within certain fields on those pages. Guru does not collect data unrelated to providing Card suggestions. You can use data masking settings to further limit which data is collected and stored by Guru.

Group Limiting

By adding Groups to this list, you can restrict which members of your team will see suggestions generated by AI Suggest Text. For example, you can limit suggestions to your Customer Support, Product Management, and Customer Success teams. If you do not add Groups, all users from all Groups will see suggestions from AI Suggest Text in the extension when they work in the apps for which it is enabled.

Collection Limiting

Adding Collections to this list allows you to restrict which Collections AI Suggest Text will draw Card suggestions from. Guru will never offer a Card suggestion that a user doesn’t otherwise have access to.

✍️ Note

  • If left empty, AI Suggest Text may suggest Cards from all Collections to which the user has access.

  • All Group permissions will still apply, regardless of Collection limitations.

Data Masking

Data masking prevents Guru from storing information that matches the masking rules. When AI Suggest Text is enabled, it typically gathers information related to the conversation currently open, the date and time of the conversation, who it was submitted by, and an identifier of the conversation (often a ticket ID number). Data masking allows you to protect sensitive information that may be present in the body of the conversation open. Data masking does not apply to fields on the page like who submitted the ticket.

By default, AI Suggest Text will mask (not collect) all content that resembles social security numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses. However, these filters can be turned off by an Admin user.

An Admin user can also create additional data masking rules by adding a New regex rule.

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