Guru's integration for Slack allows you to search and surface all of your teamโ€™s knowledge directly in Slack keeping your conversations moving without having to switch contexts. With Guru, you can also capture knowledge as it's being exchanged in Slack and seamlessly add it to your Guru knowledge base.


Only users with Guru Admin permissions can set up Guru's integration for Slack.

You may need to be a Slack Admin in order to install new Slack Apps. This setting depends on your Slack workspace settings. Check-in with your Slack Admin if you have any questions about your workspace settings.

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How to enable the Guru app for Slack

  1. Navigate to Guru's web application and select Team Settings.

  2. Select Apps and Integrations from the section in the left-hand toolbar.

  3. Click Apps. Next, navigate to Slack in the "Connected Apps" section and choose Add Workspace.

  4. When you click Connect New Slack Team and complete the steps, Guru is going to map your users by matching to their Slack email address. This way, everyone on your Guru Team will have access to the Guru app for Slack. However, team members who use Slack but not Guru will not be able to see any Guru information that they don't have access to.

  5. If there are discrepancies between email addresses, those Slack users will not be mapped. When they go to use the Guru app in Slack for the first time you (the Admin) will get a message allowing you to connect them to a Guru user.

  6. If someone is not on the Guru team and uses the Guru app for Slack for the first time, you (the admin) will receive a message inviting you to either add them to your team or deny their request.

  7. Meet Guru's app for Slack! Once the setup process is complete, our integration will introduce itself. You can also find it by searching "@guru" in your direct message options.

Using Guru's integration with Slack Enterprise Grid

Guru's Slack app is part of a select group of enterprise-ready apps that allow you to install the app for all team members within an organization at one time. It makes it a lot easier to ensure everyone is using Guru within Slack.

To install Guru's app for Slack with an Enterprise Grid, follow steps 1-4 above. In the upper-right-hand corner of the pop-up, be sure to connect Guru to your organization in the drop-down menu.

You'll then be prompted to select workspaces within your organization to install Guru's app for Slack. Be sure to select the correct workspaces you'd like to connect with Guru.


If you ever forget the appropriate command for what you want to do, just type "help" in your direct message with Guru and it will lay out all available actions. You can also invite the Guru app for Slack to any channel by typing /invite @guru.

Frequently Asked Questions about setting up Guru's integration for Slack

What happens if the Admin who set up the integration leaves the company?

If the Admin who set up the Guru integration for Slack is no longer a member of your team, our system will look for another Admin to take on the role of the primary user (installing user).

If there are no other Admins or qualifying users, the Guru app for Slack will become disabled. If this happens, a new Admin can re-install the integration by going to Team Settings > Apps & Integrations page and using these instructions.

Can one Guru account be linked to multiple Slack accounts?

Yes, you can link one Guru team to multiple Slack teams. This does not work the other way around, however, and you can not link multiple Guru teams with one Slack team (unless you are on Slack's Enterprise Grid).

Can I set up Guru's integration for Slack from the Slack App store?

No. You must use the above instructions to set up the integration and install the Guru app for Slack from the Guru Apps & Integrations page.

Why am I getting the following error "you can not associate this Slack team with another Guru team" when I set up the integration?

This error message means that you may have previously linked a Guru team with your Slack instance. Reach out to Guru Support using the chat widget in the bottom right corner and we can assist.

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