Migrate Zendesk

To migrate your knowledge from Zendesk Guide into Guru, start by setting up a Zendesk Knowledge Sync. Once the sync is complete, contact Guru Technical Support using this web form. Our team will help convert the synced Collection into a standalone Collection in your workspace.


Access Required

You must have Zendesk and Guru admin credentials in order to build a Zendesk Knowledge Sync.

Will I be able to edit Cards after the synced Collection is converted into a standalone Collection?
Yes, provided you have the permission in Guru to do so.

Will Cards created from a Zendesk Knowledge Sync continue to update after the Knowledge Sync is disconnected?
No. When Guru’s Technical Support team disconnects a Zendesk Knowledge Sync, the Cards representing the Zendesk Guide articles will remain in Guru and will no longer be automatically updated when the corresponding Zendesk Guide articles are updated. If your goal is to have the Guru Cards update whenever edits to the matching Zendesk Guide article are published, keep the Zendesk Knowledge Sync enabled.