Migrate Google Sites

When you migrate Google Sites content into Guru, all your information will be readily available in editable Guru Cards, searchable by keywords, and even used by Guru to suggest answers to user questions.


Access Required

You must have Admin + Author access OR Collection Owner access for the specific Collection to migrate content from Google Sites into Guru. The Answers feature is available to workspaces on the All-in-one and Enterprise plans.

How to migrate content into Guru from Google Sites



Working with a Google Classic Site? Refer to Google's documentation to convert the Classic Site to a new Site before proceeding with your import into Guru.

Part 1: Exporting Content out of Google Sites

  1. Navigate to Google Drive and create a top-level My Drive folder to export the site from.
  2. Move or add the Google Site you want to export to the top-level folder you just created for its export.
  3. Navigate to Google Takeout
  4. At the top of the Select data to include section, click the Deselect all option.
  5. Within Select data to include, scroll down to the Drive section and then check the box to include it in your export.
  6. Click the All Drive data included option, un-check the Include all files and folders in Drive option, and click Deselect all. Check only the folder created for the Site export and then click OK.
  7. Scroll all the way down the Takeout page and click Next step.
  8. Under Choose file type, frequency & destination, choose export once.
  9. Under File type & size choose .zip. Keep in mind if your file size is very large (2GB or larger) this will take a long time to import into Guru and you might want to consider breaking it down into multiple .zip file exports.
  10. Click Create export.
  11. Download the exported .zip file.

Part 2: Importing your Google Sites Content into Guru

  1. Go to Manage in the Guru web app.
  2. Click the Collections tab.
  3. Click the Collection Settings ellipses ("") in the top right of the Collection where you want to import the content.
  4. Select Import Content and then Google Sites.


  1. Drag and drop or upload the downloaded file that you received from Google Sites, then click Start Import.
  2. We will process the files into a readable format for Guru, compress those files, then upload them to the designated Collections.

Due to the nature of these jobs, the general waiting time can sometimes exceed 30 minutes. An email will be sent once the migration is complete.