Migrate Google Docs

When you migrate Google Docs into Guru, all your information will be readily available in editable Guru Cards, searchable by keywords, and even used by Guru to suggest answers to user questions.


Access Required

You must have admin + author access OR Collection owner access for the specific Collection to migrate content from Google Docs into Guru. The Answers feature is available to workspaces on the All-in-one and Enterprise plans.

How to migrate content into Guru from Google Docs

Part 1: Exporting Content out of Google Docs

Open the Google Doc you want to move into Guru. Select File > Download > Microsoft Word (.docx).



You can also select multiple files or entire folders in Google Drive, right-click, and select Download. This will download as a .zip file of .docx files that you can use.



Generally, we recommend keeping Guru Cards bite-sized, so by breaking up one long Google document into multiple Cards using headers, you can help your teammates easily surface the information they need.

Part 2: Importing your Google Doc Content into Guru

  1. Once you have your saved .docx files (or .zip file of Google Docs saved as .docx format), navigate to Manage in the Guru web app.
  2. Click the Collections tab.
  3. Click the Collection settings ellipses ("⋮") in the top right of the Collection where you want to import the content.
  4. Select Import Content and then Google Docs.
  1. Drag and drop or upload the downloaded .docx file.

If the document contains headers (H1 or H2 or both), you will be prompted to decide if you want to break up that document into multiple Cards (by headers) or upload the entire document as one Card:

  1. Click Start Import.
  2. Your file will be uploaded to our migrator tool where we will process the file into a readable format for Guru, compress the file, then upload it to the designated Collection.



Depending on the contents of the .docx file, it will either import as a Card editable with the WYSIWYG editor or editable as a Markdown block.

Due to the nature of these jobs, the general waiting time can sometimes exceed 30 minutes. An email will be sent once the migration is complete.