Understanding Search Analytics

Roles: Authors, Admins

Search analytics provide insight into what your team is searching for in Guru so you can proactively build out needed content.

How to Assess Search Analytics

  1. Navigate to Analytics in the web app (https://app.getguru.com/analytics/team-usage).

  2. Scroll down to Searches Producing Results and Searches Producing No Results, or read them in your weekly Team Insights email.

  3. Evaluate Searches Producing Results, the top searched terms on the team. Terms that the team is searching and finding content with should be kept in mind when creating future Cards. These terms are also an indicator of content that is accessed frequently.

  4. Assess Searches Producing No Results. These are the terms that your team is searching for, but no results are appearing. Review these results and add Cards that address the terms, or edit pre-existing Cards to include the terms. Adding content to address the terms allows you to proactively add content before a question is asked. It also demonstrates that Guru can evolve to meet your team's needs

    1. TIP: Click into the # of Times Searched to see a list of which users searched this term and when. This will help you better understand who to reach out to if/when you create new content in Guru.

  5. Use your assessment of Searches Producing Results and Searches Producing No Results to inform your content strategy. Beyond editing and creating Cards, you can use your insights to manage your Collections. This could mean adjusting who has access to which Collections, how content is organized in each Collection, and deciding what content you should add to a pre-exisiting or new Collection.