If your team is using AI Suggest Text, the Performance dashboard within Analytics allows Authors to view and assess the usage of Guru content. Performance illustrates not only how your team is leveraging AI-suggested Cards, but also over which apps they’re using them, and what content is helping them the most.


The Performance tab in Analytics is only available for those who use AI Suggest Text on our Expert (or higher) edition.

Accessing AI Suggest Text Performance Analytics

  1. In the Analytics dashboard of the web app, click the Performance tab. The date and time the tab last updated is displayed at the top right of the dashboard.

  2. Use the Date, Collection, Group, and User filters on the right side of the dashboard to evaluate data within certain parameters.

Performance Analytics in Guru

Understanding the data

Below is an overview of each widget and the insights they afford:

Total Volume - This figure is the total number of interactions across all tools over which AI Suggest Text is activated within the filtered timeframe. The Total Volume line graph plots this figure by day.

Guru Usage - This number is defined as viewing or copying a Card while a ticket is open in a support application. Tracking Guru Usage is only possible when Guru’s browser extension is interacted with over the browser tab containing the support application. Tracking is not possible when Guru is open in a separate browser tab.

Guru Usage indicates to what extent Guru is assisting your support agents in their workflow. It depicts Guru usage over total support volume over time. Leadership can use this graph to understand how much of ticket volume is processed using Guru knowledge.

Guru Usage by Channel - This graph is a breakdown of Guru usage by channel by event week. Use it to get a better sense of your team’s habits and understand over which tools they’re using Guru the most.

Most Impactful Content - These Cards are used (viewed or copied) with the greatest frequency to solve conversations. The table displays how many times each Card was used over each tool, as well as the total number of times it was used.

✍️ Note

All Analytics widgets will update every 1-2 hours with your team's information.

Due to the nature of the content, the Analytics page will generally take around 5-10 seconds to load. If you are experiencing significant delays on the Analytics page, please reach out to support@getguru.com for further assistance.

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