You must be an Admin to invite users to your Guru team. Currently, there is no way to view who invited or removed users in Guru. If you're curious about who invited or removed a user from your Guru team, we recommend contacting your team's Admin(s).

  1. Click on Invite new teammates underneath your avatar (the settings dropdown) on the top-right of the web app, or, on your Team Settings page.

2. Add the email(s) of the person(s) you want to add to your team. Add multiple people at once by separating the email addresses with commas.

  • If ever a mistake or typo is made, simply delete the invited user and send a second invitation to the correct email address.

3. Select a Group to which you would like the user(s) added. You can add users to additional Groups after sending their invitation.

4. Customize the message that your new user receives when you invite them to your team. You can turn this initial welcome email on or off from the Email Preferences tab in Team Settings.

5. Click Send.

Once the new user signs in to Guru's web app for the first time, they'll receive a guided product tour to help them get up and running quickly. All users can access this tour at any time from within the dashboard's Help menu.

✍️ Note

If your team has single sign-on (SSO) and SCIM enabled Admins can no longer invite users via the web app. You must invite new users via your IDP provider.

💡 Tip

When a new user is added to Guru, add them to the relevant Slack channels. We have a Workato recipe that automates this process here!

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