Guru's Card editor allows you to better format your content so that your team can more easily identify key points and digest verified knowledge. The editor is also responsive to Markdown, enabling further text customization. Rich media, including images, files, and videos, can also be embedded in the body of a Card.

Note: this video reflects an earlier version of Guru's Card editor.

Card editor toolbar

Undo and Redo

Click the Undo (cmd + z) and Redo (cmd + shift + z) buttons in the editor toolbar to undo or redo your most recent Card edit.

Text formatting menu

Click in the body of the Card and select the formatting scheme you want in the editor toolbar before typing. You can also highlight existing text and a smaller formatting toolbar will appear over your selection.

  • Paragraph (cmd + opt + 0)

  • H1 Large Heading (cmd + opt + 1)

  • H2 Medium Heading (cmd + opt + 2)

  • H3 Small Heading (cmd + opt + 3)

  • Bulleted List (cmd + opt + b)

  • Numbered List (cmd + opt + n)

  • Block Quote (cmd + opt + ')

๐Ÿ’ก Tip

Indent and unindent list items quickly using tab and shift + tab.

Text style

Highlight any piece of text to quickly access stylistic options.

  • Bold (cmd + b)

  • Italic (cmd + i)

  • Underline (cmd + u)

  • Strikethrough (cmd + shift + x)

  • Color (10 total)

  • Highlight (yellow only) (cmd + e)

  • Code Snippet (cmd + shift + k)

  • Remove Style (cmd + \)

Insert blocks for non-text content

Insert an image, video, table, hyperlink, file, Guru Card, horizontal divider, inline frame (iframe), or Markdown block.

Help Guide

Click the Toggle Help Guide icon within the toolbar of the Card editor (or use the keyboard shortcut cmd + ? when using a Mac or ctrl + ? when using Windows) to reveal keyboard shortcuts for text format and style.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip

Insert a line break by hitting shift + enter or return on your keyboard.

Alternative ways to access Card formatting options

  • Slash Command: Type a /forward slash on a new line and begin typing the name of the option to filter the list (i.e. โ€œimageโ€).

  • Popover Menu: Highlight any text for quick access to font styling options (bold, italic, text colors, highlight, and strikethrough), code snippets, hyperlinks, and more.

  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts: The editor supports simple formatting via keyboard commands (i.e. shortcuts). View all keyboard shortcuts by clicking the Help Guide "(?)" question mark icon to the right of the Card editor toolbar. Windows users: replace cmd with ctrl.

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