By default, Guru notifications are sent via email. If your team Admin has installed the Guru App for Microsoft Teams, you have the option to receive Guru notifications in Microsoft Teams instead of email. If you enable your Guru notifications in Microsoft Teams, you will no longer receive notifications via email.

How to Enable/Disable Guru Notifications in Microsoft Teams

By default, when you authenticate your Guru account within your Microsoft Teams app, notifications will be disabled. However, if you are interested in receiving notifications within Teams:

1. Install the Guru app for Microsoft Teams

2. Click the Guru app icon (found below any message compose extension), and select Settings.

3. Check the box for Enable Guru notifications in Microsoft Teams.

(Optional) Select the days and time of day that you would like to receive your recurring update from the Guru bot to remind you of unverified Cards in your queue.

✍️ Note

If you want to disable notifications, uncheck this box.

4. Save your settings by clicking "Update Notification Settings."

5. Once enabled, Guru will send your notifications for Card Verifications, Card Comments, and Guru announcements in Microsoft Teams.

✍️ Note

Once notifications are enabled in Microsoft Teams you will no longer receive Guru notifications to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does enabling notifications in Microsoft Teams disable notifications being sent to Email or Slack?

Guru supports sending notifications through either email or your preferred chat platform (ex: Slack, Microsoft Teams). At the moment, notification preferences cannot support notifications sent through both email and chat platforms concurrently.

When I verify a Card the notification message still shows the card as unverified, why?

Guru can currently display the live status of any Card within Teams when you click View Card, but any message content within a conversation (generated via the Guru Bot or the Guru cards posted within channels or chats), will reflect the static content and state when the original message was sent.

Can I @mention another user when commenting on a Card through Microsoft Teams?

At this time, it is not possible to @mention another user when commenting on a Card through Microsoft Teams. It is, however, still possible to mention other users in the comments in the Guru web app itself.

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