Do you have content you don't need to share with the whole team? You can share Guru Cards with specific users to make sure the right people have access to the information that they need, even when it needs to remain private.

✍️ Note

Restricted Cards can only be surfaced through a direct link, search, or the Card Manager. They can not be navigated to through the Collection.

Creating a restricted Card

  1. Create a new Card that you want to share privately with specific users on your Guru team.

  2. Choose the Collection that the Card should live on, but do not assign it to a Board.

  3. Before publishing the Card, navigate to the Who Can Access this Knowledge? section.

  4. Select Restricted.

  5. Enter the name(s) of the user(s) you want to share the Card with. They must have access to the Collection that Card lives in.

Making existing Cards restricted


Remember, you need to be the original Author of the Card in order to change its privacy settings to limit access.

  1. Open a Guru Card that you want to share.

  2. Click the Share icon in the top right corner, and click Edit Permissions.

  3. Select Restricted.

  4. If this existing Card already lives on a Board, you will be prompted to first remove it from the Board before making it private.

Who can view restricted Cards?

  • Anyone who is granted access to the restricted Card.

  • All Admins can view restricted Cards when provided with the link, even if they don't have permission to view it. This is a failsafe in case the original Card creator leaves your Guru team.

πŸ’‘ Tip

If you'd like to create content before sharing it with anyone on your team, we recommend using our Card Drafts feature.

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