Quick Start Guide for Admins

Your teams have a lot of questions and Guru gives them the answers. Powered by AI, Guru connects all your favorite apps so that your team’s scattered, siloed information becomes instant answers they know they can trust. No matter where they work, they get the answers they want and the critical information you need them to know. Your role as workspace admin is to configure all of the ways Guru will enhance the way your team works.


Access required

Not sure if you're an admin? Click Settings in the left-hand pane of Guru's web app. If you don't see "Groups" and "Collections", head on over to the Quick start guide for read only users .

New workspace setup

If you just signed up for a free trial, congrats 🎉 you're a Guru workspace admin. Admins control the Guru infrastructure including all integrations and users. You can invite more admins to help you with setup. The admin role is applied to individual users who may also be members of Groups with Collection owner, author, and/or read only access to specific Collections. See Guru Roles: Admin, Collection owner, Author, Read only 

If you're going to use Guru as a wiki, the next step is to add other users as Collection owners and authors to help you start building out Collections of knowledge. 

What do workspace admin do?

Connect the team’s knowledge to Guru**

Start by reviewing different ways to create/migrate content into Guru to evaluate what setup works best for your team. You can connect external sources of information and/or begin building out one true source for answers within Guru. If your team is going to be using Guru as a wiki, you must first create Collections for assigned Collection owners and authors to manage the content in.

Connect Guru to where team members work

Enable the Guru apps for Microsoft Teams and Outlook, and install the web browser extension. When installing the Guru app for Slack, you have the option to configure Guru to answer user questions in dedicated Slack channels automatically. When using Guru as a wiki, you also need to configure Guru to automatically suggest Cards over specific websites (Salesforce, Gmail, etc.).

Invite and remove users

Admins are responsible for inviting new users and removing users. Admins control domain discovery, the automatic addition of new users of the same domain name, and control invite preferences. Enabling SSO with SCIM removes the need to manually manage users and Groups, so ask your IT team if this is an option.

Manage users in Groups

Admins are responsible for managing users who need access to the same content in Groups.

Grant Groups permissions to Collections

If your team stores knowledge in Guru, Admins are responsible for granting Groups permissions to Collections. You’ll determine if the Group should hold Collection owner, author, or read only access to the Collection.



Be sure to create a Group containing yourself (and the other admins). Assign the Group "Collection owner" role in the Collections you’ll oversee. Reference Quick start guide for Collection owners and authors and Quick start guide for read only users to learn what additional features you gain access to by doing so.

Evaluate Guru usage

Assess your entire team's usage and gain insights on specific users and the content they're using via Guru Analytics. Start with the ​​Introduction to Guru Analytics.

Setup the org chart

Guru's org chart helps employees quickly see how people within your company are related to each other alongside the context of their areas of expertise. Admin have the option to manually edit employee profiles or work with IT or HR to enable an HRIS sync to populate the information automatically.

Extend Guru's capabilities with integration

Unlock advanced workflows by connecting Guru with other apps through Zapier or Workato. For more customized solutions, developers can leverage Guru's API to tailor to your organization's specific needs.


Guru admin are responsible for maintaining payment details and a payment method for their workspace. See Guru subscription and billing for more information.