Search Analytics provides important insights into what your team is searching for in Guru and their search success. This data will help you proactively add and modify knowledge in Guru based on user demand and search behavior.


You will only be able to view Guru Analytics data on the content within the Collections that you have Author access to.

Assessing Search Analytics

1. Navigate to the Analytics dashboard in the Web App and click on the Collection tab.

2. Scroll down to Searches Producing Results and Searches Producing No Results.

Searches Producing Results are the top terms searched by your team. These terms are an indicator of content that is searched frequently and successfully accessed through a Card.

Example: If "new pricing" was the top searched term in Searches Producing Results, this could be an indication that a training session on your new pricing policies could be helpful for your team.

Searches Producing No Results represent the terms that are searched by users that yield zero Card matches. Review these search results and create or edit pre-existing Cards to include these terms to boost your search success.

Example: if "sales training" was searched 40 times by your team, it may indicate that you should create a Card with knowledge from your recent sales training. You can click on the # displayed under the Non Results Count column to understand which users searched for "sales training" so you can share this Card with this subset of users.


  • Click into the # of Results Count/ Non Results Count to see a list of which user(s) searched a term and when for both Searches Producing Results and Searches Producing No Results.

  • Creating or modifying Cards to address the terms found in Searches Producing No Results allows you to proactively add knowledge to Guru before a question is asked.

Using Search Analytics

Use your assessment of Searches Producing Results and Searches Producing No Results to:

  1. Inform your Card content strategy in Guru to aid your end-users.

  2. Manage your Collection permissions based on user search and access.

  3. Organize the structure of your Boards in Collections based on terms appearing in search results.

Frequently asked questions about Search Analytics

What counts as a search?
Any search that a user hit Enter after will appear in either Searches Producing Results or Searches Producing No Results.

Why is a term showing both in searches producing and not producing results?

Board searches also populate here, so a term might show up as both producing and not producing results depending on where the search takes place. The term could be found when searching all Cards, but not found on a specified Board.

Why is there is a difference in what I see in the searches producing/not producing results widgets and what my colleague sees?

Users will see data based on what Collections they have Author access to, so if a colleague has different author access then they will see different results.

💡 Tip

If you are an Admin, give yourself Author access to all Collections to ensure you see the full scope of searches producing/not producing results.

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