How to search in Guru

Search with Keywords

  • Search with keywords in the Guru browser extension or the web app by typing into the search bar and press enter or click show all results.

Search by Card title

  • As you type in the search bar of the Guru browser extension or the web app, Guru will run a search against Card titles that match the letters you’ve typed. Guru only considers matches in Cards titles for these real-time results.

Search with "Quotations"

  • To search for exact terms, i.e. "sales assets", you can close the phrase in double quotation marks.

  • Cards with only one of the words, or where the words are separated or in a different order, won’t be returned as matches.

Search with Tags

  • Search with Tags in the Guru browser extension or the web app by first typing a '#', which will bring up a list of all the Tags used by your team. When the Tag you want is selected (denoted with a background highlight), press enter to search with it.

  • Learn more about filtering a search with Tags.

Search within Collections

  • Search within Collections the Guru browser extension or the web app by typing a ‘!’, which will bring up a list of all the Collections you have access to on your Team.

  • When the Collection you want is selected (denoted with a colored overlay), press enter to search with it. You can search using multiple Collections and Tags.

  • You can also search within a Collection under the Collections page.

Search within Boards

  • Search within Guru Boards by clicking on the search icon next to the Board name.

✍️ Note

Currently Guru supports search within Collections + Boards, but not within Board Groups or Sections.

Search with Recent Searches

  • Clicking in the blank search box the Guru browser extension or the web app makes recent search terms used appear below. This allows you to more easily search for the same knowledge again and reference historical searches.

  • Search with recent searches by selecting an option in the dropdown list. Clicking a recent search will populate the search bar.

Search Guru in Slack

Search Guru in Microsoft Teams

🎓 Learn how to search in the Guru Academy.

Make the most out of your Guru search

  • Keep Card content concise. If content is bite-sized, it helps Guru locate matching search results and helps you determine if you’re viewing the Card you need.

  • Look at the order of results. Search results are always sorted by most relevant to least relevant.

  • Apply Tags to Cards. Help improve your team's search experience by using Tags.

  • Filter your search. Filter search by Tag, Collection, and favorite Cards to narrow your results.

  • Remember the files. Guru recognizes Guru-hosted file attachments in search. Learn more about how content is indexed for search, how search terms are interpreted by Guru, and how search results are gathered and displayed in Guru.

Learn search insights and methods improve your team's experience with search.

✍️ Note

  • The maximum number of web app search results displayed is 50 results. Users can Sort the 50 results by Relevance (default), Date Created, and Last Updated. To understand why Cards were selected for Relevance, you’ll want to refer to the section Gathering Relevant Results in How Guru’s search works.

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