Announcements are an easy way to identify important updates happening on your team and wider company. They allow the sender of these updates to confirm that they are being received and read by their team.

This article breaks down the experience for recipients of announcements. If you have Author access to a Collection, you can send also announcements! Check out the steps to do so here.

How announcements are displayed in Guru

Web App Dashboard View: When an announcement has been sent, all recipients will see their 3 most recent announcements prominently displayed at the top of their dashboard. A new announcement will be annotated with the word "new" until the Card is certified read.

These announcements don't expire, and will only be removed from the dashboard when a newer announcement is received.

✍️ Note
This section will only highlight the announcements sent to your entire Guru team (so only announcements sent to the All Members group).

Extension View: When an announcement has been assigned to a user or Group to view, all recipients will see a banner across the top of their extension alerting them of the number of announcements they have to read.

Card View: When an announcement has been sent, all recipients will see a banner across the top of the Card displaying who asked them to read it and the associated notes.

Notifications: Users who receive email notifications from Guru will get emails notifying them of announcements to read. Those who receive Guru notifications via Slack will get a Slack DM letting them know an announcement has been assigned to them.

Certify that you've read the Card

Once you've read the Card, confirm that you've done so by clicking I Read it at the top of the Card. The person who sent you this alert will be able to track who has/has not yet read this announcement.

Review all announcements assigned to you:

When an announcement has been assigned to you, you’ll get a notification to read the Card as shown above.

You can view all of these announcements in the Inbox of My Tasks. Here, you’ll be able to view the sender of the announcement, the date it was sent, and any associated notes.

  1. Click on the Card Title in the Inbox to view the Card.

  2. Within the Card, select the I Read It button and the announcement will disappear from your Unread Inbox, it will, however, still be viewable in your Read Inbox.

✍️ Note

If you did not have access to the Guru Card at the time the announcement was sent, you will not receive a notification. However, for Collections that you have Author access to, you can also view all historical announcements sent under the All Sent Inbox.

Receiving multiple announcements notifications for one Card

The recipient of multiple notifications for the same Card will see a single Card in the Announcements - Inbox. If the # requests in the "From" column for the Card is greater than one, it indicates more than one request was sent for the same Card.

When clicking the # requests field or when viewing the Card itself, the recipient can see the dates each announcement was sent, the name of the user who sent each announcement, and the text the sender wrote for each individual announcement requested for that individual Card. The recipient will see a single I Read It button and clicking it will make the announcement disappear from their Announcements - Unread Inbox.

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