Does your team use Jira for project management and bug tracking? You can use Guru alongside Jira to give your project management tool a boost of knowledge when and where you need it.

Knowledge Triggers over Jira

Your team can use Knowledge Triggers to push information to the team over Jira tickets.


  1. When someone is looking at a Jira ticket for a certain project, you can push the description of the project and the members involved to them.

  2. When someone is submitting a new Jira ticket, you can trigger a Card on the best step-by-step instructions.

Syncing Jira tickets into Guru using the Guru API, Zapier, or Workato Integration

Your team can leverage Guru's sync API, Zapier integration, or Workato integration to create Guru Cards with the contents of the bug tickets from your development team in Jira.

This will allow Support Agents that communicate with customers in a tool like Zendesk to use the Guru browser extension over Zendesk to reference product defects, feature requests, and ongoing product work within their Zendesk workflow.

Creating Jira tickets for verifying Cards in Guru

Your team can leverage a Zapier workflow, Workato recipe, or Guru's API alongside Jira's API to create Jira tickets for verification tasks in Guru. This is especially helpful if you're already managing tasks in Jira and want to add Guru tasks to your Jira queue.


  1. Bulk assign the tickets to one person who can distribute them to the appropriate team members.

  2. Create a workflow where Guru is scraped on a regular basis for Cards that have gone unverified in the past 7 days and makes a Jira ticket for each Card.

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