Having trouble viewing images in your Cards? Use these troubleshooting steps to ensure that your images are hosted by Guru to prevent any trouble with viewing your content.

Why is this happening?

When users insert images into the Editor via drag/drop or copy/paste, sometimes the images can result in a red error message stating "unable to load."

This typically happens because the image is hosted by a third-party tool that the viewer doesn't have access to. Because these images are still technically hosted by the third-party source, anyone who doesn't have access to this other tool, or doesn't have permission within that tool to view the image, will see a red box.

How do I resolve this?

The best way to avoid this problem in the future is to use the Image Uploader tool instead of copy/paste & drag/drop. This ensures the image is always hosted by Guru and therefore successfully viewable by anyone to that Card.

✍️ Note:

If you do continue to run into trouble even after checking that this image has been uploaded correctly, reach out to your IT team to ensure that "filepicker" (the tool used for uploading these images) is not blocked internally. As always, Guru's support team is here to assist with troubleshooting as well - you can reach us at support@getguru.com or by chatting us directly in the app!

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