Cards are where the bite-sized pieces of knowledge are stored in Guru. All of your Cards will be stored across Collections in Guru, making it easy for your team to quickly search for and access the knowledge they need. Cards are easy to create and edit!

What's a Guru Card, you ask?

A Card is where all of your content is stored in Guru. Cards are short, specific, verified by experts on your team, and easy to share. You are able to create new Cards, Card Templates, and Migrate and/or Sync existing content into Guru Cards. Cards live in Boards, which live in Collections across your Guru team.

Guru Cards allow you to store information in a variety of formats, like tables, images and videos, Markdown, attachments, and more.


You must be an Author or Collection Owner to create and/or edit Cards in Guru.

Benefits of a Guru Card

Bite-sized knowledge:

Guru Cards help you get to the information you need quicker by keeping your knowledge short, sweet, and readable.

Verified by your team:

As part of our verification engine, every Card has a verifier and interval when that information will go out of date. You'll never have to worry about asking your experts to update your knowledge—Guru will do that for you!

Guru where you work:

You can access knowledge anywhere on the web by using the Guru browser extension, and with Guru's chat integrations, you can access your team's information directly in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

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