Cards are the fundamental, bite-sized units of knowledge in Guru. All of your team's content is stored in Cards across Collections in Guru. Unlike long documents, Cards are optimized to make knowledge easy to search and quickly accessible for your team when they need it. Cards are easy to create and you can edit Cards at any time!


You must have Author or Collection Owner permission to create Guru Cards.

Creating a Card in the Guru Web App and Guru Extension

  1. Click the "+ Create Card" button at the top of the Guru web app or Guru extension:

2. Select Create a New Card or pick Template Card your team has created.

Create Guru Card Step 2

3. Add a Card Title.

4. Create and format Card content, then click Next step.


While our editor will work in all web browsers, Google Chrome will give you the best editing experience.

5. Pick a Collection for your Card to live in. You can only choose Collections in which you have Author or Collection Owner access.

6. Pick a Board for this Card to live in (this is optional).

7. Assign applicable tags that will help users surface this Card in search (this is optional).

Create Guru Card Step 3

8. Select the Verifier and the verification interval for the Card.

💡 Tip

The Verifier is responsible for keeping the content up-to-date and accurate, and the Verification Timeline is set to remind the Verifier to periodically ensure the Card's knowledge stays current over time.

Publish Guru Card

9. Decide who can access the knowledge on this Card.


What can they see?

Your Guru Team

Users who have Collection or Board-level access to the Card.

Specific Users

Only individuals explicitly shared on the Card can access it.

When you grant Card access to specific users, Cards will appear under the Cards not on a Board section.


No sign-in is required! Anyone with the Card link can view this entire Card (including images and files) outside of your Guru Team. Learn more about Public Cards here.


If your Card has any images or files your team would like to share externally, select "Allow images and files uploaded to this Card to be shared outside of your Guru team."

10. Click Publish Card.

Frequently asked questions about creating Cards:

Why do I not see the option to create or edit a Card?

If you don't see the option to create or edit a Card it means that you have Read Only access in that Collection. You can always comment on the Card or reach out to your team Admins if you think you need Author access.

Can I specify a Card Template when using Guru's API to create a Card?

To specify a Template when creating a Card using the API, you can try using this API call to list all of your Templates or find a single Template. If you know the Template ID, insert it into the first call. If you don't know the Template ID, the call to list all Templates has a search parameter where you can surface a particular Template to use.

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