Exporting Cards makes it easy for you to access and utilize your content, as well as maintain it as a backup of your overall knowledge base in the event you would ever need to restore it.


Authors, Admins, and Collection Owners can export Guru Cards.

Exporting Cards

  1. Navigate to the Card Manager in Guru's web app.

  2. Select the Card(s) you want to export by clicking in the checkbox(es) to the left of the Card title.

  3. Click on the Export Cards icon.

  4. Confirm that you would like to export the selected Cards.

  5. Once confirmed, the exported Cards will be emailed to you for download as a CSV in HTML format.

Export Guru Cards

You then will be prompted to select whether you want to export:

  • Card details and analytics - our typical recommendation if you only are searching for information about your Cards.

  • Card content, details, and analytics

What information about the exported Guru Cards will appear on the CSV download?

The CSV of the exported Guru Cards will contain the following information:

  • Title

  • If selected: Content (in HTML format)

  • Card ID

  • Boards

  • Tags

  • Date Created

  • Created By

  • Last Modified

  • Last Modified By

  • Last Verified

  • Last Verified By

  • Verifier

  • Times Favorited

  • Times Copied

  • Times Viewed

  • Trust State

  • Verification Interval

  • Collection Name

  • Card Link

✍️ Note

Card exports are not customizable and Guru cannot add, modify or remove categories on the above list at this time.

Card exports include the image URL but not the image file.

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