Supplementary or related information often exists on another Guru Card, but creating and verifying duplicate content forces you to verify multiple Cards and could confuse your team. Linking between Guru Cards is a solution.

Method 1

1. Highlight the content that you’d like to hyperlink to a different Guru Card.

2. In the styling popover, select the Guru ‘G’.

3. Enter search terms for the Card to which you’d like to link within the resulting search bar.

4. Select the appropriate Card.

5. You have successfully linked to a Guru Card! The hyperlink is now green, indicating a link to a Guru Card.

Method 2

1. Copy the link of the Card you would like to include. To do this, click the Copy Link to Card icon.

2. Highlight the text you'd like to hyperlink and click the Insert Link icon at the top of the Card. Then, paste the copied link into the designated gray area:

Add a hyperlink to a Guru Card

3. You've set up a link between Cards! Access the linked Card by clicking the blue hyperlink.

How to tell which Cards link to a given Card

On the details tab of a Card, you’ll be able to see which (if any) Cards link to the Card you are viewing.

You’ll be able to see the Card title of all Cards you have access to, but for Cards you don’t have access to the titles will be hidden. If no Card links exist on the Card you’ll see a No Links image.

💡 Tip

Before archiving a Card, it’s a good idea to check how many Cards link to that Card so you can understand the impact of archiving. Archiving a Card that is linked to other Cards will break those links.

Frequently Asked Questions about Linking Cards to Cards:

What happens if I link to a Card that a user doesn't have access to?
You can link to Cards across your team's Collections, but only users who have access to the Collection will be able to access that knowledge. If someone on your team who does not have access to the Card clicks the link, they will see a message indicating that they do not have access to that Card.

Does a Card link change when the title changes?

When a linked Card's title changes, the Card's link remains valid and users will continue to view the correct Card when its link is clicked. In the Card content, the linked Card's text will not automatically update to reflect the linked Card's new title.

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