What defines a Team in Guru


Your Guru team = your Guru instance. Generally, companies will have everyone join one Guru team, then will use Collections and Groups to segment knowledge between different departments.

Your Guru team is the total number of users that are billed. A team can be a whole company or a single department (e.g., sales).

Teams can segment access to content by Group by utilizing the Collections feature. When a company wishes to isolate their knowledge, multiple Collections are created to represent each segment of knowledge and the users who have access to it.

Across the team, content in a Collection is accessible to all users in that Collection, with the exception of private Cards that can only be viewed by the individuals explicitly shared on the Card.

Guru Team Defined

The difference between a Group and a Team in Guru

Groups allow you to divide your Guru Team into a classification of users, and those classifications of users can then be selected as Card verifiers and @mentioned in comments. Additionally, Roles are determined at the Group level by Collection. Everyone in a Group will have access to all of the content in the Collection.

✍️ Note

In some rare instances, users may be a member of multiple Guru teams (for example, if they provide consultation to multiple companies or are looking to trial different Guru features). In those cases, users can use these instructions to switch Guru teams.

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