Copying a Guru Card in the web app

1. Identify the Card you'd like to copy.

2. Click the link πŸ”— icon in the Card navigation or click the Share button in the top right corner of the Card.

3. Choose how you'd like to copy the Guru Card: you can copy the hyperlink to the Card, copy its embed code, or copy the Card's content. Alternatively, highlight the content of a Card in this view, and then use Command + C to copy the content. This content will maintain its formatting when pasted.

4. Paste the copied content from the Card wherever you would like to share your knowledge.


Use keyboard shortcuts for faster sharing.

  • To copy Card content when no content is selected:

    • Mac: cmd + c

    • Windows: ctrl + c

  • To copy the external source of synced Card:

    • Mac: cmd + e

    • Windows: ctrl + e

  • To copy the Card's link:

    • Mac: cmd + shift + c

    • Windows: ctrl + shift + c

To disable keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Click on your picture/avatar in the top right corner of the web app.

  2. Select My Profile.

  3. Un-check the box Enable keyboard shortcuts for copying Card content and links and click Save.

Copying a Guru Card in the browser extension

1. Open the extension and identify the Card you'd like to copy.

2. You can copy the Card link using the πŸ”— icon or copy the Card content using the ⏹ icon in one quick click.

3. You can also open the Card and follow the above instructions from the Share menu.

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