Guru's Google Chrome browser extension ensures you have a layer of verified knowledge on top of the apps you use every day. Adding the extension is crucial to realizing Guru's potential for increased efficiency and access to information from your workflow.

Adding the Chrome extension

  1. โ€‹Open Chrome, navigate to the Guru extension in the Chrome Web Store, and click Add to Chrome.

  2. Click Add extension to confirm.

Note - this video contains references to an older extension navigation experience.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip

Once you have installed the extension into your Chrome browser and signed in, you will be brought to Guru's onboarding wizard which will introduce you to the key concepts by helping you create your first Guru Card.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guru's Google Chrome Extension

How do I make sure every member of my team installs the Guru extension?

Admins in Chrome can force install extensions for their team using these instructions from Google. Check with your IT team to see if this is doable.

Can I see which users on my team are using the Guru extension?

There currently isn't a self-serve way to export a list of users with the extension installed. As a workaround, we recommend Admins on Builder Edition (and higher) reference the User Analytics dashboard filtered by Source Application equals "Guru Extension". The users who appear in this report have utilized the extension during the given time period selected.

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