We hope you'll find this quick guide helpful in outlining the key features that will assist you as you kick off your use of Guru! Each feature mentioned below includes a link to access more detailed descriptions and instructions. Check them out:

  • Guru web app The Guru web app dashboard is your one-stop site to view your team's collective knowledge. You can also browse and search for knowledge from your mobile phone by navigating to app.getguru.com on your phone's web browser or by downloading a Guru mobile app.

Quick Start Guide for Read Only Users
  • Announcements Leaders and experts can share critical announcements with your team here. When important information is sent to you, you'll be able to confirm that you've read it, ask follow-up questions, and share your reactions.

  • Slack and Teams integrations Guru's chat integrations let you search for and share information on your own time, where your team already works. You can also opt to receive Guru notifications in either of these applications.

  • Guru's browser extension The browser extension allows you to access Guru as an overlay of your work. This enables you to easily reference Guru as a resource and view relevant content suggestions, all without leaving your workflow.

  • Verification With Guru's verification workflow, experts consistently review and validate the accuracy of your team's knowledge. Respond to your prospects, customers, and colleagues with confidence.

  • Follow Cards and Authors. Subscribe to updates on the information that matters most to you, so that you never miss a beat.

  • Commenting/@Mentioning Looking for additional insights or clarification on the content of a Card? Simply @mention a specific individual or Group of teammates - they'll receive a web app notification and email or Slack message.

  • Ask a Question Can't find the information that would benefit you and your team? Use Guru's "Ask an Expert" feature (the '?' icon accessible from the Guru extension or from the Help menu in the web app) to ask the expert or Group that's best fit to answer. Asking them a question automatically triggers a web app notification and email or Slack message.

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