Guru's Trending Topics digest in Slack helps users identify gaps in their knowledge base by surfacing trends in designated Slack channels. After identifying those gaps, this tool makes it easy to transfer content from Slack conversations back into Guru to ensure that information lives where it can be searched for and trusted.


Only Authors and Admins have access to Guru's Trending Topics for Slack.

Set Up Guru's Trending Topics for Slack

1. Navigate to the Home tab of the Guru app in Slack.

2. Under Trending Topics click Subscribe.

3. Choose specific Slack channels (maximum 5) to analyze.

✍️ Note

The only channels that appear in this dropdown will be those to which the Guru app has already been invited. These can be public or private channels. You can invite the Guru app to a channel by clicking the channel name and selecting the Integrations tab, or by mentioning @Guru in a message. More information on inviting an app to a channel can be found in Slack's Help Center.

4. Add keywords or phrases to the Excluded Keywords section that may create unwanted noise.

💡 Tip

Users may want to exclude their company name or commonly used jargon.

5. Designate a delivery cadence.

  • Users can choose what date & time to receive the digest, and schedule it to arrive every week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks.

6. Click Save. The user will then receive a DM confirming that the Trending Topics digest was successfully created and will confirm the date the first digest will be sent.


In order to analyze trends, this feature requires Guru to collect and store all messages in the designated channel(s) for 90 days.

Using Trending Topics

Once your Trending Topics digest begins arriving, you can use that information to highlight gaps in your company's knowledge base and easily move that information into Guru for easy search and management.

To view the list of related messages for each topic, click View messages.

To create a new Card out of a Slack conversation, click Create Card. Before publishing, there is an opportunity to edit the conversation content that gets automatically pulled into the new Card draft in Slack.

Alternatively, click Update Existing Card to search for a Card to view or add content to using the Add to this Card button.

Managing your Trending Topics

Manage the insights that you're receiving at any point by navigating back to the Home tab of the Guru app in Slack. Click Manage within the Trending Topics section. From here, you can:

  • Add or remove Slack channels to include in the insights digest (up to 5 channels)

  • Add or remove excluded keywords

  • Edit insights digest cadence settings

  • Delete the Trending Topics digest

You can also manage your insights directly from the notification the Guru app sends.

Disabling the Trending Topics feature

Admin can turn off all Trending Topics and remove the option from their users’ Slack Home tab. Please note, disabling this feature at the team level will automatically delete all of your team's existing subscriptions. This cannot be undone.

1. Navigate to Apps and Integrations within Team Settings.

2. Click the Manage button next to the Slack app within the Connected Apps section.

3. Toggle Trending Topics subscriptions off.

4. Confirm by clicking Disable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guru's Trending Topics for Slack

Are new permissions required for Trending Topics?

No. Users have already accepted the permissions necessary for Trending Topics when they installed the Slackbot. However, a user does need to 1) add the Slackbot to a channel and 2) subscribe to Trending Topics for the bot to actually begin scanning that channel.

Can this feature be used by anyone in the company?

Trending Topics is opt-in only. As long as a Guru Author or Admin doesn't actively create a digest for a channel in Slack, the Guru app will not store messages from channels to which it has been invited. Admins also have the option to disable the feature for their entire team.

What triggers something as “trending”? Is there a certain number of times a phrase has to be said to be identified?

The system includes the number of times a topic is mentioned and also uses Machine Learning (ML) to surface relevant topics. You'll notice words that may be frequently used but are not topical are omitted. For example, your team may use repetitive words like "customer," "question," or "asking" in a channel, but a user's digest for that channel will not surface these keywords because they are not topical.

Can I share my digest with other teammates?

Each user must create their own digest. Interest in this capability is great Product Feedback to share with our Product team in the Guru Community.

🏡 Share your feedback in the Guru Community

How can we improve your Trending Topics experience? Please share more about your team’s use case in the Guru Community's Product Feedback category.

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