Home, the dashboard of Guru's web app, is an at-a-glance view and jumping-off point for all of your knowledge work. A customizable right rail gives Admins the ability to curate messaging and Cards that will be shown to all users.

My Library is where all users will find shortcuts to their:

  • Followed Cards, sorted by date followed from most recent to oldest.

  • Recently Viewed Cards (up to 200 Cards viewed within the last 30 days), sorted by date viewed from most recent to oldest.

  • New Cards in the Collections you have permission to, sorted by creation date from most recent to oldest.

  • Recommended Cards to Follow.

πŸ’‘ Tip

Use keyboard shortcuts for faster access to each My Library tab. When using a Mac, replace alt with option.

  • control + alt + l (lowercase L) = moves you to the home page of My Library which is followed Cards

  • control + alt + f = Favorites

  • control + alt + r = Recently Viewed

  • control + alt + n = New Cards

Tasks is visible to all users. Everyone can read announcements they've received, review mentions in comments, and review the questions they've asked and the answers they've received. Authors and Collection Owners have the additional ability to send and read announcements, manage their draft Cards, and answer questions.

Analytics is visible to users with Author or Collection Owner permission.

Card Manager is visible to users with Author or Collection Owner permission.

Team Settings is visible to all users. Everyone can view the list of their team's Admins and a list of the Collections they have been given permission to, as well as view the Apps and Integrations enabled and disabled for their team. In addition, Authors see the list of All Members and the list of Groups, as well as access the Duplicate Detection, Tag Management, and Recent Activity tools. Collection Owners can additionally access the Content Export feature. Admins see all of the above, as well as, have the ability to invite teammates, customize the team's theme, and manage Apps and Integrations settings.

Collections is where all users can locate All Collections they have been granted permission to, as well as any Collections they may have pinned for themselves.

Welcome & My Tasks

✍️ Note

Is your team using single sign-on (SSO) for user authentication? Your first and last name is managed by your team Admin within your team's SSO team Identity Provider (such as Okta, Azure, etc.).

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Learn how to check your announcements.

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Team Details


Only Guru team Admins can see Customize blocks, which is how to edit the custom content block and select Featured Cards. Non-Admin users will see an "empty state" message and image until their team Admin customizes this area of the team's dashboard.

Custom content block

This is a text block with a header. It might contain information such as a summary of what your Guru instance will be used for, a company description, or a message from a team leader.

πŸ’‘ Tip
You can customize this content by using some light Markdown to add headers, bold/italics, and more. It is important to note that this block (unlike Guru Cards) only supports strict markdown syntax, not HTML.

Featured Cards

Admins can choose which Cards appear in the team's featured Card section, located on the right-hand side of the user dashboard.

πŸ’‘ Tip

Looking for your Recently Viewed Cards? They're located in My Library.

🏑 Share feedback in the Guru Community
What do you think of your Guru dashboard? While we can't switch your team back to the old dashboard, we'd love your feedback! Please add your comments in the Guru Community.

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