After setting your team's logo, apply a custom theme to reflect your organization's branding by customizing the colors of your header and primary navigation for all users. 🎨

❗️ Important

  • This feature is only available for teams on the Builder, Expert, or Enterprise Edition of Guru.

  • You must be a Guru Admin to customize your Guru team's theme.

1. Navigate to Team Settings and click Customization.

2. Click Apply a custom theme.

3. Enter your preferred hex codes for the following:

  • Navigation Background

  • Accent Color

  • Text and icons Color

The Guru team will reflect a live preview of the custom colors as you enter the hex codes.

4. Click Save to save your changes or click Cancel to return the team's theme to its previous state.

Frequently Asked Questions about custom theme

How do I know what my brand colors are?

Ask your Brand or Marketing team.

What's a hex code?

For an explanation of what a hex code is, please check out this site.

In the example above, the hex codes are as follows:

  • Navigation Background = #379683

  • Accent Color = #05386B

  • Text / Icon Color = #FFFFFF

Can I apply more than one custom theme to my Guru team? Or, set different custom themes for different Groups?

At this time, the custom theme setting is universal and these colors will be seen by all users. This is the kind of feature request our Product team would like to receive as Product Feedback in the Guru Community.

How do I ensure the color combination I've selected is accessible?

Please keep in mind, opening the door to endless color combinations in the Guru UI can present accessibility challenges. If you'd like to ensure there is a contrast between your navigation background and accent color compared to the text and icon color to ensure the Guru UI can be read easily, please use this tool.

💡 Tip

Want to edit the Collection's badge color or emoji? Learn how in editing and deleting a Collection.

🏡 Share feedback in the Guru Community
We love your feedback! If there are other customization capabilities you'd like to see in the future, please post them in the Guru Community!

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